Fans Mourn Former Phillies Great Darren Daulton with Personal Photos and Tributes

I heard the sad news that former Phillies great Darren Daulton passed away yesterday at age 55 of brain cancer – glioblastoma, the same kinda brain cancer Sen John McCain was recently diagnosed with, as well as my friend Haydon, who is only 50 years old and didn’t discover he had the tumor until he had a mini stroke last month.  I woke up today with legions of my FB friends posting memories of Dutch as well as personal photos taken with him. Here are a few…

8-6-2017 10-45-35 PM (Custom)

I photographed Darren a few times, once when leaving the Four Seasons during a Phillies Alumni week in 2010

Daulton 8-7-2017 10-19-13 AM (Custom) Daulton Daulton 8-7-2017 10-23-45 AM (Custom) Daulton 8-7-2017 10-26-16 AM (Custom) Daulton 8-7-2017 10-18-39 AM (Custom) 8-7-2017 10-38-08 AM (Custom) 8-7-2017 10-28-49 AM (Custom) 8-7-2017 10-37-12 AM (Custom)

8-7-2017 10-39-14 AM (Custom)

8-7-2017 10-20-00 AM (Custom)

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