Eastern State’s Terror Behind the Walls Is Better Than Ever

Saturday night was the annual Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Wall Media/Sponsor/Friends party. I’ve been attending for the past 7 years, and it’s always a fun time especially because we get to preview the popular haunted prison. Believe me it’s haunted, whether you’re experiencing the prison at night or during the day.

DSC_0003 (Custom)
There was good line already formed at the Pennitentiary when Mike and I arrived around 9PM.

Mike and I opted wearing the glow in the dark necklace, which allows the ghouls and ghosts to touch us. This year was full on touching and jumping out, and I think it’s a much better experience with the glow necklace. Another actionable event, they will take you out of line and you’ll get your own private hell experience, like being locked in a room or sliding down into a pit of soft balls while wearing 3d glasses. I don’t want to spoil it, but to get out of the pit, you’d better not be claustrophobic.
Even if you don’t wear the necklace, like moi last year, there are still moments of fright worth every penny you paid to walk through the Pennitentiary.
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I know I always say it was the best year of scares at Terror Behind The Walls, but this year was exceptional. They changed up the tour a bit, added the “Blood Yard”, lots of fun experiences, and at the end you can hang out with your friends in The Yard, where you can grab a bite to eat, drink and be scary. At any moment the ghoul guards could break out in the Monster Mash or Thriller you. Check out the calendar for the various price levels to scare up some savings. TICKET AND INFO HERE

DSC_0032 (Custom)The Speakeasy

After experiencing Terror Behind the Walls, you can visit The Speakeasy at Al Capone’s cell with surprising adventures, and a complimentary cocktail, Yards beer, or Coca-Cola soft drink. Tickets available exclusively online. Buy now!

After hanging out at the Speakeasy, Mike and I headed to the Media Party, which is always an adventure to find walking through a series of passageways, and maze like dark hallways, even crossing paths with scared folks in the middle of their Terror Behind the Walls experience.

But we finally found it, and it was spectacular. The weather was amazing, and the crowd was double what I experienced in the past. This year so many people were in costume, it really enhanced the experience.


 I was dressed as a guy that just attended an epic wedding at the Academy of Music. Check out those photos on Philly Style and Philly Chit Chat tomorrow.

I am always stumped on choices when all Hallow’s Eve comes around, but attending a Halloween Party in September gives me adequate time to think about ideas.

These are a few of the folks you’ll run into roaming the halls of the prison

DSC_0144 (Custom)

DSC_0034 (Custom)

The overall winners of the Costume Party

Thoughts and Prayers are with our country today, and every day, especially for Las Vegas.
See you tomorrow….