Glass Movie Updates: James McAvoy, Bruce Willis Spotted

Ahhh made it through another week. Sorry I haven’t keep up with my twice weekly gossip column, skipping Monday, but it’s been so busy. Here’s Friday’s edition. Plus follow me on twitter as I do drop a lot of info there all day long. Like this nugget. @HughE_Dillon

McAvoyThe guys were filming on Allegheny Ave in North Philly on Monday, in the dang rain, and then did interiors at the Frankford Arsenal, luckily all interiors. You won’t see any photos as the trailers and craft services is located inside the fence.

James McAvoy arrived in Philly Saturday morning, after McAvoy finished filming the latest XMen movie in Montreal. First stop Saturday – Federal Donuts for a chicken sandwich. He was nice enough to pose for a few fans who asked.

Team Derek was on hand to welcome Sarah Paulson to Philly on Tuesday. She was sporting her best Annie Hall look, and smiled nicely. Welcome to PhillyWood Sarah.


I made my first on air appearance on CBS3Philly to chat about the Glass movie with lots of fun tidbits. Thanks so much to folks who allowed me to use their photos and who send me tips.
I ran out of time on TV to mention that Mattei  Family Pizza sent the crew pizza’s to the set on Friday,


which was at 21st and Shunk. Seen on the set was his model Emma Heming Willis visiting the set of ‘Glass’. Bruce Willis must have had pizza on his mind as he and Emma were spotted at Pizzeria Vetri on Saturday. The tarp wrapped around the building is just to make sure the ambient light is even during the filming.

Pick up the latest Elle Decor where you’ll find the Willis family on the cover, and inside an article by M. Night Shyamalan.

BTW M. Night will be presenting Bruce Willis with the Philadelphia Film Festival’s second annual Lumiere Award at a ceremony Oct. 23 (which I have already been tapped to shoot, so come back on 10/24 to see the photos). The award will be presented by last year’s inaugural award winner, director M. Night Shyamalan, who is also on the board now with the Philadelphia Film Festival, which opens on October 19, 2017. Willis has filmed several times in Philly, besides Night’s Unbreakable, and Sixth Sense, he filmed Twelve Monkey’s here with Brad Pitt.


Earlier this week Twitter blew up thinking Glass was filming near Independence Hall. Actually that film was another in a series of Sam Katz‘s Philadelphia: The Great Experiment. Look for the film to play on 6ABC next year.