Scenes From Thanksgiving Manna and Parade

Happy Black Friday. I am about to head out and shop, which is my lifetime tradition. I love to get caught up in the frenzy of the holiday.  I love Christmas lights, I love the commercialism of the season, I love Christmas Village and Holiday Village, none of that makes me less of aware of why we celebrate the Christmas Day.

A Rob Saxon, Director of Marketing at MANNA, selfie with Moi


Yesterday I started off the day volunteering my photo services at Manna. I’ve been going there on Thanksgiving Day for 4 years. It means a lot to me as my best friend Shawn Conley was one of their first clients in 1991 – 1992, when he died of AIDS. He told me what a difference it made in his life to have a delicious, healthy meal when he could no longer provide for himself. Also it broke the loneliness he felt day after day when the MANNA volunteer stopped by to drop off the meals.

It was bring your husband to work today
Kathy Orr and her son. Her husband and daughter were delivering meals
Lucy Nolan, with Rob and Sue Daugherty, CEO of MANNA
The Manna Board
The Manna Meal
Then I headed to the parade. I stopped by the Logan Hotel to check out it out from their rooftop bar – The Assembly. Super view.

Then I saw Santa and realized the parade at that point, 11am, was almost over for photos

See you Sunday for ChitChat around town, and perhaps a few folks will have their Christmas Trees up and we can feature them.