That’s A Wrap!! M Night Shyamalan’s Glass Movie Shoots it’s last Scenes

That’s A Wrap!! M Night Shyamalan’s Glass Movie Shoots it’s last Scenes

M Night Shyamalan’s Glass movie wrapped Monday filming some of the last scenes of the movie in Old City, where ironically they filmed the first scenes of the movie in early October. Wrap

The film, a sequel to Unbreakable and Split, stars Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson, James McAvoy and Sarah Paulson, shot all over the City including South Philly for an entire week, before heading to Allentown in early November before returning to Philly last week where they filmed in Fairmount Park as well as at 30th Street Station. On Monday’s set Sarah Paulson, and M Night Shyamalan were spotted early in the morning filming scenes at La Famiglia Ristorante on Front Street, before heading to Market Street to film at Fork in the 300 block of Market Street, where they were filming a night time dinner scene.


This is my favorite shot of the day because M Night Shyamalan just got done shooting a scene heading for lunch at Christ Church’s community hall, it was before he saw me, and he was reviewing the day in his head and really happy with how the film went.

Sarah Paulson heading to her trailer, giving me that great smile. An overnight success, Sarah Paulson will no doubt have a remarkable career as she is incredible in all her diverse characters she plays.  I did fan girl out a bit yesterday, probably only happened once before with Madonna, I just could get a good shot. Sarah was patient and kept giving me great poses and smiles til I was satisfied. Thanks!!



We love our extras. Thanks Heery Casting for casting just the right people.

Thanks to my readers for keeping me informed of when and where the movie was shooting. I couldn’t make it to the set as much as I wish I could have as it was the busy social season and I was BOOKED with two or three jobs a day. But you kept me informed and I really appreciate it.

I did have a quick sighting of the Hottie PA, but he left the set early to go work on his next project in Atlanta. A few of his fellow Pa’s came
over to say hi, and told me everyone had a good time with my post about him AND he even got girlfriend out of it who recognized him. If they get MARRIED it’ll be the 2nd time “I’ve written about a Hottie who went on to marry a girl they meant someway through my exposure.” In January Geoff Pierce is marrying Samantha Keenan” Remember he was the Hottie on the Art Museum Steps.


Friday Glass filmed at 30th Street Station with Anya Taylor-Joy, who was dressed as Casey Bear, sitting here among extras in the lobby. Later in the day Anya TaylorJoy was sitting curbside dining at with fiance actor Eoin Macken. In between bites the duo were oblivious to the busy sidewalk filled with holiday shoppers as they partook in a lot of PDA.

Saturday night Anya Taylor-Joy was spotted at the Glass wrap party at Suraya the popular daytime restaurant in Fishtown, with Night, James McAvoy and crew. Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson had finished their time on the set when filming completed in Allentown before Thanksgiving. Willis attended the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes show Saturday with his kids and wife Emma.

That’s A Wrap for Glass movie shoots. I’ll have a few more fun shots and film info later this week in my wrap up.