What Folks Wrote On The Resolution Wall at Kimmel Center

What Folks Wrote On The Resolution Wall at Kimmel Center

Happy New Year, did we all make resolutions? I did, and I already broke it. Darn. I made a promise to myself that I would post on Philly Chit Chat every day, and every morning by 7AM, like in the good old days in the first 5 years of PCC.

Let’s see what folks wrote about on the annual Resolution Wall at the Kimmel Center, where parade goers had a chance to write down their hopes for 2018.

Making money was definitely one of the resolutions that was repeated on the wall.  I guess Stop Smoking was something that person tried to do a couple times.

My new resolution is to learn how to do a meme

2 to 1 want Trump gone

If that person has saved lives before that’s awesome; Yeah Save More Lives!!
If you help around that house, that is awesome shit and a great role model to have better children

Well it’s a goalOk sounds good

Glad they didn’t sign their name

Ohhh who is DRP, I’m starving
I bet you’re already an awesome Nana

The most interesting notation on the Resolution Wall was that it was sponsored by the
Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board

The New Year’s Resolution Wall will be in the lobby of the Kimmel Center til this Saturday if you have a resolution you’d like to share with the world. Tomorrow I’m going to have a post up by 7AM, and will continue to do so until I break that resolution. Have an awesome year!!