The Wild and Crazy Wing Bowl or as I like to call it Philly’s Mardis Gras

The Wild and Crazy Wing Bowl or as I like to call it Philly’s Mardis Gras

Wing Bowl one of my secret loves. The production is amazing what goes into creating this large scale event. When i go to the Wing Bowl I’m far more interested in the people attending, the antics happening and the moveable parts. I like to start at the beginning, and that means heading to P.J. Whelihan’s in the middle of the night to see the wings being prepped for Philly’s biggest annual pep rally, and this year it was for our home team the EAGLES as in E-A-G-L-E-S

About 1AM the process of cooking 10,000 wings begins with Chef Terry Baily, Assistant Corp Chef at P.J. Whelihan’s Pub and Chef Rich Fredrick, Corporate Chef and Culinary Director at P.J. Whelihan’s Pub doing what they’ve been doing for 10 years, preparing the never frozen, honey/mild sauce wings;

the same great recipe they serve at their restaurant but the wings used for the Wing Bowl are much smaller.

I had a few before they delivered them to Wells Fargo. Delicious!!

Let the pageantry begin

The guy in the center is the fan that ran into the pillar in the subway while hyping up fans on the train
This year they honored first responders
Jim Fris, Chief Operating Officer, P.J. Whelihan’s

Small world, this women is thanking me for drawing attention to the fact that Boat House Row was not lit green for 8 days between the NFC Championship until Thursday night, after I did a social media campaign wondering why the lights weren’t bleeding green. Thank you to the readers who CALLED CITY HALL, they really did. On Thursday they were bleeding green once again.

The Wingette’s were wearing much more clothes than in any other year I had been there

The wings get sauced about an hour and a half before the contest begins, at 6ish AM. They go through about 10 gallons of sauce.

Although some did recall the good old days of debauchery

California’s Molly Schuyler, 38 year old, at a 127-pound, the two-time Wing Bowl champion, bested her own record, downing 501 buffalo wings in 30 minutes.

This is how far she has come, in January 2015, her first appearance at Wing Bowl she ate 440 chicken wings, a new women’s record, in 26 minutes, but the title went to Chicago’s Patrick Bertoletti, who ate a record 444.
Daniel Morroni Sr & Jr

He got all the Philly sports teams done in one tattoo
You win Eagles fashion

Don’t punch it
Pole climbing contestant
The Caveman greets his fans
Folks on stage watch the kiss cam where most of the action was dancing fans. In years gone by it was the flashing of body parts, but in the last couple years the Wing Bowl has moving towards more of a night out at Hooters , focusing more attention on wing eating.

Notorious BOB

Let the games begin

WOW on that Eagles “tattoo”

The top 10 Wingette’s

It was the best Wing Bowl as far as Eagles spirit, the crowd sang the Eagles fight song a dozen times, the energy was unmeasurable, everyone had an Eagles jersey on and was in a great mood. What was really noticeable was Philly’s Mardis Gras atmosphere was toned down in it’s bawdiness of years gone by. The stuff that made national news, entertained those who were stuck at work, made you think did that really happen, didn’t happen this year, and as I said in Deadline “The strippers had more clothes on this year than ever before.” Even Joey Sweeney, or Victor Fiorillo wouldn’t find anything to complain about at this year’s wing bowl, it was nearly family suitable, in fact I saw more wives, and girlfriends in the audience than ever. Shock value was down, but pageantry, crazy character contestants, and overall spirit was stellar, and I’m glad I went, but when the biggest reaction from the crowd roared through the concert hall as someone was puking after overeating wings, I thought I’d apply the number ONE rule at the Wing Bowl to me as well,
“When you heave, You have to Leave,” and I did.

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A tamer Wing Bowl as Eagles fans rest up for Super Bowl:

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