Sunday Chit Chat: Superbowl with Joel Embiid & Love

Sunday Chit Chat: Superbowl with Joel Embiid & Love

Hope you’ve recovered from Eagles Fever a bit, I finally feel somewhat rested. Today’s entry is going to be brief


as last week I finally was forced to switch from my PC to Mac and I am doing a crash course learning, which is not going well. It’s really a totally different operation and not as easy as a PC which I had been using for all my life, but Mike says a Mac is better and that’s that….I know a lot of you would agree.

JoelSixers Joel Embiid watched the Eagles Super Bowl from the balcony of the Ritz Residences. A born politician, he’s great with the kids. Fans recognized him from the street and started singing “Trust the Process, Trust the Process” at which point Embiid waved to them.

JoelThe Love Park sculpture finally returns to its perch on Tuesday, as I told you last month when I did my sneak peek of the newly renovated park. What I didn’t mention was there would be a “parade” through the City, passed City Hall including a lovely ceremony. More details will be released by Parks & Recreation on Tuesday regarding specifics. Also look for a new visitor center to be built at Love Park, more accessible tourists and city loving people like moi.

JoelCongrats to Deja Lynn Alvarez. Out, loud, proud and doing things in the LGBTQ community for years.
I’m glad to know her, she’s super nice and resourceful.