A Love Note From Philly Chit Chat

A Love Note From Philly Chit Chat

Happy Valentine Day!! Yesterday the beloved LOVE statue came out of hiding after nearly a year of restoration, or as Nik the Webchick says, a lifetime. There was a cute “parade” from the Art Museum area to her final resting place in the newly renovated and attractive
Love Park. The dedication to the park will happen this spring. There’s lots of goodies that await.

An impressive amount of press and people came out to follow LOVE on her journey.
All my favorites in one photo

Thank you to all my editors, who process photos and help share the love of Philadelphia, especially shining a light on the charities I cover.  Who have helped me create and form my content provider business, all of who wear many hats at their organizations, but will stop and post photos to get the word out.

Listed in the order of when I started contributing to them.
Philly Style Mag (Meredith Fertig) , Philly Mag (Tim Haas, Claudia Gavin), Liberty City Press (Dana Rubenstein), Metro Philly (Jennifer Logue), Philadelphia Business Journal (Alison Burdo, Clara Lefton), CBSPhilly (Lauren Sullivan) and my newest outlet Philly Voice (Lexie Norcross, Jenny DeHuff),
I Love Youse, and thanks!!

Thank you to my sister Janine DeFeo, who does all my invoicing and scheduling. Reads my emails, which is difficult. Nobody wants to sift through them. I love you.

Thank you to all my clients, who are too numerous to mention. Nearly 75% of my work is done on a contract basis, where clients hire us to get share their stories in the media;  and to the media outlets who trust that I will place photos with them that match their brand.

Thank you to all of you, who support me on my many platforms Instagram, Twitter, my two FB pages and here at PhillyChitChat, my baby.
Thank you to my photographers Mike Hirata, Andre Flewellen, and Talya Hailey. Not only do they see my vision of capturing the most important photos to tell the story of an event,

they are ready at a phone call to shoot a last minute event, or step up when the head photographer gets a blood clot and calls from the emergency room to cover his events, which was also coordinating by my sister Janine.

Thanks to my sister Crista Bateman, who is the creative side to my social media, I’m the ranting what the heck is he talking about side.

Thanks to Beth Lawrence who recently came on board to help me with partnerships, business opportunities and advertising efforts.
So if you want to advertise email me at and Beth will help you with getting that done.
People were excited to get back to posing in front of LOVE
Thank you to my husband Mike Toub, who is the tech guy behind the scenes, and gives me his honest opinion.
THANK YOU to my friends, especially those who put up with my cancelling at the last minute cause someone hires me to cover their event. Thanks to them for all their support, the laughter and the ear to bend.

THANK YOU TO MY FAMILY when I don’t have the time to see them for those important dates cause I’m shooting a Walk on a Saturday, or a fashion show Sunday afternoon and can’t make someone’s celebration or important milestone.
It takes a village to create a more perfect union, to restore LOVE in Philly.
Thank you to those people behind the scenes that make Philadelphia a great place to live.

Nobody loves this city more than Sheila Hess, The City Rep. Thank You!!
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