Winter Storm Quinn Made for Nice Photos

Winter Storm Quinn Made for Nice Photos, and a messy commute

Unlike the storm last Friday, it wasn’t nearly as windy, or really windy at all
I know the burbs got slammed, and for a long while I thought it be the case in Center City

15th & Walnut
the streets were fairly sparse with people

OMG this mailman makes his way up Broad Street crossing over Sansom.

The snow was wet, I was drenched and cold within minutes.

I stopped in Wawa to warm up
I’m always in awe of people on bikes in snowstorms

I headed to the Pa Convention Center to check out the Flower Show, I wanted to see if their was a crowd there. I was surprised there was one there. It wasn’t jammed packed, but comfortable for the patrons. In anticipation of the storm, a record number of buses went on Tuesday I was told – 104 buses of flower lovers.

I would have loved more fluffy snow
Before I knew it the snow was over about 430PM, a bit earlier than predicted.
But it made for pretty pictures

Rush hour was non-existent. I took this about 520PM

I do like how dads headed to the Art Museum Steps with their kids to continue the tradition of sledding down the steps, unfortunately Center City got the lesser amounts of the predicted snow, just 6.1 inches. I don’t know if you can see but there’s a child on the steps in a Scooby outfit, and one at the top next to the red sled, so cute. There’s a dad on the right in orange with a shovel helping to create the “sled trail.”