Milk House Closes; Chris Long Says Goodbye and Dad Says Hello from the Grave

Sunday Philly Chit Chat: Milk House Closes; Chris Long Says Goodbye and Dad Says Hello from the Grave

Good usurious Sunday, today is going to be a bit warmer and very sunny, but don’t get to used to it event though Tuesday is the first day of Spring, it’s going to be winter weather through Thursday. Let’s get to chit chat

Milk House on 19th Street closed yesterday.  You’re going to have to head over to the Milk House locations at Suburban Station and 30th Street Stations to get your Milk House grilled cheese and delicious tomato soup fix. Friends tell me that Milk House on 19th will become a Korean take out restaurant, opening before the summer heat hits 90F.


Seems like Eagles player Chris Long is saying good bye too – to twitter. He left this message on Friday. Whether he met just for the weekend or forever I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but


don’t fret we always have his fans keeping us informed on what he’s up to. Thanks John Cooke @CookeCapeMay of Cape May for sending me this tip. I did a little research


and saw that Chris Long has not given up on his instagram account. Seems he attended a wedding at Congress Hall in Cape May yesterday with his dad Howie Long, and other family members.  Although the wedding reception took place inside, the photos took place outside with the scenic hotel in the background. The wedding party nearly frozen in time. After the reception that night, guests headed to The Boiler Room at the hotel, and enjoyed Irish tunes by John Byrne who played Tir na Nog Irish Bar & Grill, Philadelphia earlier in the week

where he posed with Rocky as well. You know who was with Rocky this week, right?

Look who had a going away lunch at Penrose Diner last week. Jason Kelce and Connor Barwin feted Beau Allen who was just picked up by Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Pix by SouthPhillyReview)
Now could someone go in the parking lot and find my wedding ring. I had a snowball fight with Kory Aversa last year there and it flew off. Yes my wedding ring the one blessed by the Pope, yikes right.

I took this last week as I had never seen the Studebaker sign before. In today’s inky Inga Saffon has a nifty article about it.


Every St. Patricks Day I publish the article about how my dad, who died in 2004, spoke to our family from the grave, in 2005.

Have a great day, see you here tomorrow!!