Best Fashions at Radnor Races & A Muddy Good Time

Best Fashions at Radnor Races & A Muddy Good Time

On May 19, 2018 Dr. Thanuja Hamilton and I headed to the  The Radnor Hunt Races as they celebrated its 88th Anniversary with a traditional steeplechase. I’ve been going to the races for the past 9 years, as I remember my sister Judy dressed me for the first one and it was shortly before she passed away. In the 9 years since I’ve attended they’ve never had an all day rainy day, so I was interested to see what that would be like, as well as to see what people would wear.


Of course the most important reason I was going as all proceeds from the event benefited the land and water preservation programs of the Brandywine Conservancy in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania,

and if you head out to the Chadds Ford there you will see a lot of open space, beautiful rolling hills.

Definitely looking smart: Andrew Ross and Betsy Ross at the Groebel Tail Gate Party Laurie Wightman (editor of The Scout Mainline) and Robert Baldry

 Paul Marshall and Julie Marshall, James Beard Foundation
Paul is taking over the space where Sbraga was located at Broad & Lombard. The new eatery will be called Fraternité, a French American cuisine, with a full oyster bar. Look for Fraternité to open it’s doors in August.

Daddy and me
Mommy and Me

Family Time
Another use for those gathering plastic bags

aww the young lady on the left slipped in the mud (see her leg PS she doesn’t have brown pants on) while her girlfriends on the right were happy it wasn’t them

Who remembers Minnie Pearl?
Brandon Morrison, Stacey Kracher, Raffaellina Merlino and Anthony Merlino at the The Young Friends Committee – The Academy of Music (Join for lots of fun social events, & Academy Ball Tickets)

Happy Happy Birthday, yesterday, Stacey!!

Dr. Charles Lentz is the Best Dressed for a muddy good day at the Radnor Races heading to The Young Friends Committee – The Academy of Music sponsor tent
  And it’s not just because you and Matt Malinowski (vice chair of the Young Friends Committee – The Academy of Music) are hosting Mike and I at your crib in Rehoboth Beach this weekend.

Sharon Floyd and Kearni Warren in their floral best enjoyed a delicious spread by The Palm in the Bellevue Tent

Definitely the best dressed trio:
Rhys Williams, Lauren Swartz
and Trey Massengill in the Bellevue Tent
Best Dressed and accessorized Heather and Vern Burling

And before you knew it, we were slip sliding away. See you next year, there’s a 50 percent chance it won’t be a muddy good time next year…..tune in tomorrow to see photos as the Tall Ships float up the Delaware River for your enjoyment this weekend…