NYC Gay Pride – Unicorns, Witches, Celebrities Oh My

NYC Gay Pride – Unicorns, Witches, Celebrities Oh My

Mike and I attended our 20th NYC Gay Pride Together last Sunday.

We have the same routine. We drive into the Big Apple via the Holland Tunnel. We can always find FREE Parking in Tribeca or Soho, and then we walk up to the end of the parade in the Village (Budget Traveling Tips: we got a great price for a hotel on HotelTonight.com $140 for Cassa Times Square, with breakfast and an afternoon happy hour with a free glass of wine.
plus found parking around the corner at the only Self Parking garage. $38 for 24hrs on Spothero.com). This year though they started the parade there as they’re planning a big shindig next year for the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall, which was the protest against the authority who was suppressing our community at the time. For a better understanding, check out Stonewall History

We started out at the Festival, which was packed. Mike had a coconut, which was sparse in water, but the art of opening it was fascinating to watch. $10 plus Mike tipped $3 cause that guy worked to opened it and well digits are expensive to replace.

Kate Walsh, from Greys Anatomy, and I watched the parade for about 10 minutes together. She was with her dog Rosie. Earlier she had been with friends at brunch, who were walking in the parade. Later in the day she was going grocery shopping. I took this shot on the fly.

This year I noticed a lot of folks were dressed out. I saw lots of witches, which I just didn’t understand,

a few unicorns and

plenty of pride

The loudest cheers came for the Police and later the fire units. Why LGBTQ people protest the police is beyond me. I don’t want to paint any group with a broad brush. There are always bad apples in every group.

And finally I got this very unexpected shot when these guys were posing for friends and jumped. I was standing behind the friend randomly crossing the street. I asked my readers on FB and Instagram to
Caption It – here are the winners.

Kim Walker said:  I thought it was called a “third leg”….
Jim Shulman: If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.
Denine Gorniak:  Gotta “hand it” to the guy, he’s packing a package as long as an arm.
Thanuja Hamilton: Armed and dangerous

and the winner….

Anonymous: ‘I bet his condom fits like a glove!’

Have a great weekend, I’ll see you on Monday. It’ll be JULY already, wow.

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