Happy Birthday To Me – The Party and The Palm

Happy Birthday To Me – Party and The Palm

Thank you Lynsie Feinberg Solomon and Thanuja Hamilton for throwing me the most fantastic birthday party (and fabulous cake from The Night Bakery. )Thanks to my friends who were able to make it tonight; I am so grateful for you all and your continued friendship and love, my heart is full. Thank you to the Palm for putting my face up on the wall and the wonderful unveiling. It looks amazing and I am so honored to be near my friends FOX 29 Thank you to all my my readers for all your well wishes and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you….

WOW I was just amazed with the thoughtful details Lynsie & Thanuja put in to creating a memorable night

Thanks to Brandon M Morrison, Stacey Kracher, Evan Solomon, Lynsie Feinberg Solomon, Thanuja Hamilton, Andre Gaspar, Geno Vento, Kory Aversa, Matt Malinowski , Chuck Lentz, and Phyllis Halpern for celebrating with me last night.

So grateful to the friends I have, nearly all of them I made through my work with PhillyChitChat

Lynsie, Julie Sloviter Millard and Thanuja

Not too shabby of a view at dinner with Andre, Mike and Nicky

WOW this cake from Night Kitchen

Thanks to Aimee Cicero and Marc Brownstein, from the brownsteingroup.com as well as Julie Sloviter Millard, GM of The Palm honoring me with my mug on the wall of the iconic Palm Restaurant, located at the Bellevue.

I wrote a little blog post yesterday about Madonna and I

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