Vacation Day in Lancaster

Vacation Day in Lancaster

I’m having a great summer, although I am eager for the Fall Social Season to start again. I miss people. yesterday I saw a lot of cows.

I love traveling to the Lancaster area a couple times a year to photograph it, as well as shop.
I wanted to go yesterday as it was going to be a cloudy, stormy day, but not all day.
I usually go when it’s sunny

I can’t decide whether I like this in color

or black and white

Then I looked to my right and saw this unfold. Love that garden. Hope I didn’t steal their souls
adorable farm yard

The trick to getting the best shots in Amish country is to take the smaller roads that  wind their way between the farms. This is actually a smaller one, but they go even smaller than this.
This is Pennsylvania Route 897, which lies on either side of RT 322.
Breathtaking countryside

The countryside is beautiful