Philly’s Bradley Cooper In Town for ‘A Star Is Born’ Screening – My Review, What He Said to The Audience

Philly’s Bradley Cooper In Town for ‘A Star Is Born’ Screening – My Review, What He Said to The Audience

Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born is the 4th ‘A Star is Born. First 1937 Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, next 1957 Judy Garland and James Mason, then Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.
Now in 2018 – Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

Last night at the Prince, the who’s who of lucky Q102 contest winners, as well as invited guests came out to see a screening of the new Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga film “A Star is Born”

I ran into more than a few PhillyChitChat fans who loved the movie

Hey Jennifer Braxton , thanks for stopping to say hi. Spotted in the crowd was Nancy Glass, Councilman O’Neil, City Rep Sheila Hess, The Hamiltons: Sam, Anne and Dr Thanju Hamilton, Jeff Guaracino , the new president of Visit Philly, with some of his team Jim Werner, Cara Schneider, and Michael Newmuis, Larry Korman, Sharon Pinkenson, Andrew Greenblatt, Sue and Jason Jacquette who told her friends: Jason and I saw A Star Is Born last night, and Bradley Cooper came out to answer questions afterward. Beautiful movie. Please go see it. You won’t be disappointed. #movienight #getyourtissuesready #filmisart

When Bradley Cooper arrived at the Prince Theater around 9PM, he headed to the Blackbox to do 1 minute interviews with 3, 6,10, and 29.  I later heard he arrived earlier in the day and spent most of it with his mom, and visiting relatives. Dinner was at Dandelion, and today he was headed to Germantown Academy to show the film to his alumni high school.

He carried a vintage Eagles hat onto the stage with him wearing a Muhammad Ali jacket, where he was doing a Q&A conducted by Ukee Washington, CBSPhilly, who he has been a long time friend of; Ulysses Samuel “Ukee” Washington III has a packed Rolodex of celebrity connections including his cousin Denzel Washington. Despite his legendary status here in Philadelphia, he remains unaffected, very personable and has a memory sharp as a tack.  He reminded Jenkintown’s Bradley Cooper (BC) of their long history, as a kid BC appeared on a show which Ukee hosted. BC remembered well, and chuckled about it.

I felt that being in Philly brought back many memories of growing up here. BC told many stories about his family, including his sister, who he rarely talks about, Holly. Holly and I were FB friends for many years, until BC had a child and she felt it was necessary to end our friendship to protect the child’s privacy. I wasn’t offended and understood. We still corresponded on occasion, I’m going to write her to tell her of the nice things her brother said of her last night. Basically he told a story about how his older sister was his protector when they were growing up, often wearing her Phillies hat nearly every day in their youth. He also talked about his dad, his inspiration, who died of lung cancer in 2011. BC stopped his life and spent a good part of a year here in the Philly area taking care of his dad. A few years ago the actor, director, and producer Cooper founded the Bradley Charles Cooper Foundation and is an ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer. – ‘My hope is that one day every person fighting cancer will receive the full support they need to maintain their quality of life from the day of diagnosis to the end of their treatment regardless of economic or social status.’ – Bradley Cooper

It was at a charity event raising funds for families who have a loved one going through cancer, that he first met Lady Gaga. She was a surprise guest and sang “La Vie En Rose.”
It immediately struck him that she would be perfect for the role opposite of him. He had to convince Warner Brothers, and before too long they were on board as well. “La Vie En Rose” made it’s way into the movie, and is the one song which appears in the movie which I’ve heard before. Did you know that Bradley Cooper sings in A Star is Born, plus he wrote a few of the songs, as did Lady Gaga. I can’t wait for the soundtrack.

One Song He Didn’t Want to Sing:
During the Q&A a man asked BC to do the Eagles Fight song, everyone broke out their cell phones to capture the social media moment, BC declined, I was disappointment , but remembered he had the hat on stage, tonight was about the movie not a viral video.

A women in the audience told BC she was disappointed he didn’t win the Oscar for Silver Lining Project, but said the reason was he was going to get it for this performance. She talked about how the movie would resonate with events relevant today, drug use, alcoholism, addictions and suicide. She said both had touched her life, with her dad committing suicide 9 years earlier. BC got up and hugged the women tightly.

Andrew Dice Clay was an interesting choice for the movie, but BC said he’s dad loved ADC, and they would watch him together on the Rodney Dangerfeld show and just crack up. He had to convince Dave Chappelle for two years to be in the movie. Ron Rifkin has a tiny part in the movie, he has worked with BC in Limitless, the TV series and of course Alias. So for his first film BC went after people who held special meaning in his life. That’s wonderful, and deep. Before we knew it the Q&A was over. I was bummed that no one in the audience mentioned his amazing singing, and masterful directorial debut.  I was excited that Ukee read a review from Variety, who knows if BC would have heard about it. He told us he doesn’t read reviews. He creates art and presents it to the audience.  Art is subjective.

The back of Bradley’s jacket  said The Thrilla in Manila, The Thrilla in Manila was the third and final boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, noted as the greatest fight ever.
BC is a dad now.

As Bradley Cooper headed out the back door to his waiting SUV, he ran into a few fans who got graphs from him including Team Derek, who collected lucky 7.

My official Review of a Star is Born