17 Bridges filming in Philadelphia- What I Know So Far – Spoiler Alert

17 Bridges filming in Philadelphia- What I Know So Far – Spoiler Alert
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17 Bridges filming began in Philly in September.

It stars Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Sienna Miller, J.K. Simmons (Flashpoint), Keith David (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series) and  Taylor Kitsch (He played sinister leader David Koresh in WACO last year, but he’s mostly know as the heartthrob from Friday Night Lights)

17 Bridges follows Boseman, who’s a NYPD detective, on a citywide manhunt for a cop killer. When the search intensifies, extreme measures are taken to prevent the killers from escaping Manhattan as the authorities close all 17 bridges to prevent any entry or exit
from the iconic island. (Who knew there were 17 bridges, I can only think of 5). Filming in Philly has taken place in the Loft District, Old City, and Chinatown (photo above)
This past week, and all of next week they will be filming around 20th and Sansom Street, on 20th Street all the way up to Market Street. In the movie this intersection is known as3rd St and Havenmayer which is in Brooklyn, NY

The facades of some of our favorite eateries have been altered for the set like Whiskey Bar, Shake Shack. Business hasn’t been affected as much as you think because they are still open everyday until around 10PM when they would normally close. Then the movie magic happens. Check out these photos of the Open and Closed shots. BTW Tinto is not open as they have altered the inside for the movie and they do pay then extra for being closed for 3 weeks of filming.
All of the filming is taken place at night. Spoiler Alert the movie is set in one 24hr period, and mostly at night.

See windows uncovered, Shake Shack is open for business

On set last week was David Keith, Taylor Kitsch, who are having dinner at Mosto, or as we like to call it TINTO in Philly. I spoke to someone connected to the restaurant and they said the producers were considering to keep the name the same except theres a coffee shop in NYC called Tinto’s and they didn’t want to confuse anyone.

Next week nearly the entire cast will be filming, along with about 200 extras as there will be many different scenes regarding the chase through Manhattan, with fake gunfire, explosions and even helicopters above. Notices have gone out
to people who live in the area, so no one thinks it’s the real thing.

This past week they did have a minor police chase, with gunfire. They also filmed for several nights inside the MOSTO, and in the ally next to the eatery. Note the police car has crashed into the “suspects” car on the right coming out of the alley.

Yes Philly is stepping in to act as NYC again. Next to questions about Taylor Kitsch’s whereabouts, this is the next most asked question, why? We should all be embracing that a major production wants to film here in Philly, we know this is often the case from many TV shows and films, where they are filmed elsewhere than where they depict, so many productions head north to Canada. The Greater Philadelphia Film Office, along with the Pittsburgh Film Office and The Pennsylvania Film Industry Association (PaFIA) work hard to get maintain a decent tax credit for film and TV Productions that spend at least 60% of their total budget within the state. AND We still benefit, not only do we get to showcase our beautiful City, but so many Philadelphian’s are employed by the productions, plus actors, and people connected with the film are housed here, they eat in our restaurants, the buy goods and merchandise here and even the gas used in the vehicles that transport the cast & crew, all the way down to the cars that are involved in the police chases, is bought in Philadelphia. That’s a big boost to our local economy when a film is shot in Philly or #phillywood as I like to call it.
Speaking of dining: Chadwick Boseman had lunch at Estia on Wednesday night with 10 people for dinner, the Greek restaurant at 1405-07 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA (They provided this photo) Chadwick loved the octopus, spanakopita, estia chips, and his entrée was Whole Sea Bass. Posing here with Saki. Earlier in the week he was spotted at Harp & Crown having dinner with his dad.

Eating nearby was Dr. J and his family. As far as Estia could tell neither Dr J or Chadwick saw each other. Such a bummer.
Recently Chadwick Boseman was spotted at NOTO with DJ Hollywood and Dray Ali.

Last night Boseman hosted a party for cast and crew in Center City to mark the mid-point of shooting.
The film started September 24, and is scheduled to end around November 24.
Filming this week will again be overnight, so I’ll try and be there to give you the details so you can grab some sleep, but
remember if you hear gunfire, small explosions and helicopters above, it’s probably just this production and it’s helping our local economy.

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