The Annual 2018 NRG Media Charity Flag Football Game

The Annual 2018 NRG Media Charity Flag Football Game

Yesterday the 6th NRG Charity Flag Football Tournament took place at the NovaCare Center in South Philly. Media personalities took place in the annual event and each one was given $1,000 for a charity in their name, for a total of $30,000 . Celebrity/media charity flag football game at Nova Care complex in Philadelphia.

Kyle Scott, Crossing Broad

They said it was a friendly game of flag football.  Good thing it’s not shorts season anymore.

Kristen Herrmann, BenFM and Laura Boss, WOGL 98.1
or as I like to call her my producer at WOGL (I appear every Friday at 8AM)
Tori Woodill and Mina Say What get directions from Coach Tra Thomas

High Fives All Around by
Zach Seward, Technical.ly Philly
Matt O’Donnell, 6ABC. Did you know he’s a drummer in a band.
Roberta Pipito

Randy Gyllenhaal – NBC 10 Philadelphia

Krystal Rich

Marc Farzetta, 97.5 Fanatic

Kristen Rodgers, Fox 29 can serious throw a nice pass

Ilia García , Univision 65, Mina Say What, Sirius and Boom radio, Kristen Herrmann, 95.7 BenFM, Laura Boss, WOGL and Tori Woddill, CBS3

NRG general manager and vice president Mike Starck

Chris Connell, Fox 29 and Mina Say What

Vittoria Woodill, CBS3
Kristin bringing home the winning touchdown for her team
That we win feeling


FOX 29’s Chris O’Connell takes home runner-up MVP at NRG charity flag football game
@homemadedelish (Roberta Pipito – celebrity chef, food & lifestyle contributor), @coconnellfox29 (Chris O’Connell – anchor Fox 29), @krystlerich (Krystle Rich – NBC sports Philly), @kristenerodgers (Kristen Rodgers – sports Fox 29), @tonyabraham (Tony Abraham – reporter healthcare dive), @roxyromeo (Roxy Romeo – radio host Power99), @bennettonair (Bennett – radio host 96.5 fm) Thanks Rick for these

Check out the Charities everyone was playing for

Our team WON the today thanks to the coach of the year Trey Thomas! We beat all the teams! I got a medal!!! It was fully a silver team effort! So much fun! For my participation will make a donation to