Philly Chit Chat 2018 Wrap Up – A Day in The Life of HughE Dillon

Philly Chit Chat 2018 Wrap Up

Happy New Year !! Every year I do a wrap up on PhillyChitChat, what’s been reported, how we grew,
stories we’ve broken, who we’ve touched, and hopefully how we made a difference.
I can’t thank you enough for your years of support.
One of the Most Popular Instagram Posts this Year. When I run into them they tell me they’re still recognized from my post.

Philly Chit Chat just celebrated 11 years in July. I started it as a hobby, a creative outlet to escape what had become a fairly
boring job. The first year I concentrated on curiosities around town, I was observant and noticed new things, different things, things we as City dwellers were curious about, and then I wound figure it out. Over the year it began I started chronicling charity events and bar events, focusing on a mid twenties crowd striving to make a difference, and others looking for spouses. It was fun. Then I was laid off of my job at the end of 2010…I told my readers I’d become an event photographer;

that summer I started contributing to Fox 29, and Philly Mag fast forward to 2018 and I am humbled, and grateful to contribute content to WOGLFM (Friday), Phila Business Journal, Philly Voice, Philly Style Magazine,  Philly MetroPhilly.com CBS3Philly online and on air, usually photos but last month I was on air,
WOGL98.1 with legendary Marilyn Russell and producer Laura Boss on Friday 8AM
and I have to include my Social Media platforms with over 60ks followers. I have a lot to say and share, and finally I found people willing to listen – LOL

All this Couldn’t Have Happened Without You, so Thank You!!
I appreciate when readers approach me and say hi, or call out PhillyChitChat, then I know I am bringing you the info, news, gossip and things to do that you can use. I’m glad to have this platform.

Thank you so much for tipping me off to celebrities in town. I really appreciate it!! I love that you get me, I just want to share the fun
news with the masses.

I broke a lot of stories on PhillyChitChat platforms including where the next Wawa is going – on 16th Street in the middle of the block, as well as what that lighted thing was called on the top of the Comcast Technology Building – Lantern; and it won’t be lit (again) til the new Four Season’s opens sometime in 2019.

Family fun

Winter and Spring 2018 I spent a lot of time tracking down the Creed 2 filming. This scene never made it in the movie. Sly went back to the old neighborhood to attend a funeral of a guy he fought, that later worked at his eatery Adrien’s. That’s director Steve Caple and Sly Stallone in South Philly. Thanks to the security for giving me a window to get this shot. I also did a live shoot with Jenn Fredrick here for Fox 29.

I broke the story that Bridgette Nielsen was going to be in Creed 2. After getting this shot I immediately called Marilyn Russell and she broke the news on WOGL. I sent a photo to Fox 29 as they were still on the air, CBSPhilly morning was done by that time. I couldn’t tell she was 5 months pregnant as she had a big coat on.

The GPFO and M Night Shylaman tapped me to shoot a fundraiser at the famed director’s house. I finally got a decent shot of Michael B Jordan and Steve Caple Jr.

I celebrated one year on WOGL in August

Captured a lot of sunrises and sunsets

Danced with Patti LaBelle on the Academy of Music stage during the 17th concert of hers I attended. Then I got invited to her Christmas Party last week. Pinch Me!!

I get to share beautiful Philly with those who don’t always have the time to see everything.

I discovered you can’t take the entire summer off in search of rest and relaxation, you must just learn to balance
life and work. Plus I was really bored not shooting anything between July and September. BORED!
Never boring, always supportive. Thanks Mike Toub, together 25 years next July.

RIP Wing Bowl. It was chaos, a hot mess, but it was ours and I loved covering the disgusting over the top event.

Philly you’ve really become something special over the last decade, I’m glad I was a part of it.
Here’s to another decade, and a promise from me that I won’t miss a day in 2019 as I did in
2018. I was so busy with placing events in the media, I didn’t always post on my baby.
I ran into so many of you who told me you missed us, so not again, and thanks for keeping me on my toes, always.

Let’s Do It Again, Fly Eagles Fly.

And if you have a chance check out this Philly Mag article from the December Issue.

A Day in The Life of HughE Dillon

Thanks again, and Happy New Year!!