What To Wear To The Gala, Ball or Cocktail Party

What To Wear To The Gala, Ball or Cocktail Party

January is slow for social season, but there are 4 important charity galas which occur. First up is The Lemon Ball, which raises money for Alex’s Lemonade Foundation. It happens tomorrow night, Saturday January 19 at the Marriott Hotel Downtown. Across the street at the Crystal Tea Room another charity gala will be going on Hair of the Dog, which benefits the Morris Animal Refuge. Next up is the Academy Ball next Saturday, January 26, 2019, which benefits the Academy of Music building. Finally the Philadelphia Auto Show, which raising funds for CHOP Nurses.

The Lemon Ball is a Black Tie affair, with a touch of lemon


BlackTie Formal Wear: What It Actually Means. Black tie is a dress code for social functions that start after 6 p.m., and basically translates to “this party is fancy and men should wear tuxedos and women should wear gowns, not cocktail dresses, or something you’d wear to the disco.”

A suit and a yellow tie are acceptable.

Women have options — they can go a bit dressier and wear a formal floor-length gown, or they can choose a dressy cocktail dress, paired with heels or dressy flats. Dressy pants suits are also acceptable

I tend to photograph anyone who has made the effort to wear a little flair

Nearly everyone always dresses to the suggested Black Tie, dress up fashion.

Next up Hair of the Dog attire.

Black Tie Optional
Although you can wear a tux if you want, it really is optional—just as the invitation says. The same suit-and-tie look that you would wear to an important meeting will work. A gray or navy suit is your best bet, paired with a proper dress shirt

For women, it means you have the option of wearing a full-length gown, or opting for a cocktail dress, so long as the hemline isn’t too short or the style isn’t too revealing.

 It’s fun and fancy free without judgement.

You can be a little dare to bare.  Black Tie Optional is a gala after 5PM, but it’s a fun, fanciful, and at HOD wear if you dare kinda party. The sexier, sleeker, the better. It’s also been a party animal good time gala.

Short, sparkly dresses are also a go and for the gentleman a nice black suit with a tie will get my attention for a photo

Beautiful cocktail dress and gown.

Gorgeous couple and outfits, perfect for HOD sexy vibe, and just as good for the Auto Show.

Belle of the Ball with shear and a Tiara is a standout look for HOD, a fun night out at NOTO, 1500 Lounge or the after party at Stats.

Kate Beaver made news history with this eye popping dress. After my photo publishes she and her dress became a media darling appearing together in several outlets.
A perfect choice for HOD, and possibly the Philly Auto Show, but not many other galas.

Vivian’s gown was my best choice for the night. The blue velvet floor length glamour gown is appropriate for most galas and even the Academy Ball.

The Philly Auto Show is Black Tie, the men usually adhere to the suggestion, but the ladies seem to wear from cocktail dresses to Academy Ball gowns.

Although some of the men break the rule on the Black Tie dress as well.

you’re more than welcome to boogie down

Dresses and gowns should be long at a formal gathering
Cocktail dresses as sexy as a convertible
Black Tie Winners

The Academy Ball – Strictly White Tie. Formal Gowns for the Ladies, sometimes gloves.

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