Philly Chit Chat News ….

Hey guys real quick. You might have noticed if you follow me on Social Media, I’ve covered quite a few events that haven’t hit the blog yet.  I’m going on vacation today and will return next Tuesday and at the same time my blog, PhillyChitChat will be undergoing a change. Nothing you’ll see, just the back end where I add posts, and the ease of use. With the new backed I will be able to more easily add advertisements, something which was never simple before to do.

A Hawk I saw on my walk with Justin Pizzi the other day.

Plus my site will crash less. Over the past year if I received too much traffic at once my site would go off line (anything more than 500 hits an hour). This happened a dozen times and was very frustrating. To do this the site has to disappear for a few hours or a days, so I don’t want you to get nervous that I’ve stopped blogging on my beloved baby.

Thanks so much for all your support. Everyday I’m out and about people tell me that they read my blog, someone told me last night at Philly Cooks that they’d be a reader all 10 years, that makes me so happy to know that I covering interesting events, subjects and bringing you info you can use.

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