Philly Current Celebrates at West Laurel Cemetery, so I asked Guests….

We made it, it’s Friday. And I am finally used to the Time Change, getting up early enough to see this morning’s sunrise. It was beautiful, before it hid behind the clouds. We’ll always have yesterday, a beautiful blue sky, warm temps we were blessed with. So last night I attended the Philly Current PC Picks Party, a best of list curated by publisher Eddie Keels for his 6 year old print magazine.

The party took place at West Laurel Hill Cemetery, which you might find odd, and I certainly did when I first attended events there over the past two years, but it’s quite beautiful and respectful. The grounds are meticulously kept, the main buildings are uniquely historic, as are the grave markers that dot the landscape. As a person who enjoys history, there are many stories to learn from the folks who rest there. This year the cemetery is celebrating their 150th Anniversary and have many unique events happening.

Ruth Levitt, Jennifer Lynn Robinson, Pat Nogar and Carole Pepe

I asked people what they would like their tombstone to say. Pat Nogar: “She Lived Well”, which is a play on her TV show, and Saturday morning FB live chat – Living Well with Pat Nogar.

Justin Weathers, The Bercy, Sidney Grimes, Louie, Louie, Chef
Joe Monnich, The Bercy, and Jaimi Blackburn,
Director of Public Relations at Fearless Restaurants.

Sidney told me that West Laurel Hill has a special place in her heart as several of her family member rest there. Jamie said her tombstone would say: “She Never Wore Comfortable Shoes, but they were Pretty”

The always fashionable Sarah Doheny, YUBPR wearing a Sophy Curson coat, and a Joan Shepp outfit.
Big Rube served his delicious Fried Chick, Greens, Mac & Cheese and Corn Bread.

His tombstone quote: “He Did It Boundless, No Regrets, and Didn’t Bite His Tongue”

Brandon’s Tombstone “Can Someone Clear My Web Browser” plus “Hi Mom.” Jennifer’s “I’ll Be Back.”

It’s Friday Enjoy DelFrisco’s
Seared Chilean Sea Bass it’s the perfect combination of fresh and rich, savory and light.
1426-1428 Chestnut St,
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Alondra Anaya of Telemundo 62, Syrmarie Villalobos of Telemundo 62 and Miguel Martinez-Valle of NBC10

Alondra: “She believed she could
So She did …everything thing comes to an end. Bye”

Miguel: “Slaying the Game Since 1993”

Chris Conti: “Don’t Cry if You Don’t Care”

Debbie Cassidy : “I Told You I Was Sick”

Nicole Michalik and Nicole Fuscia –
Which Nicole said: She took No Sh*t, so Curb Your Dog” leave your guess in the comments or on FB.

The Vesper Brothers – The creators of the world’s best pasta sauce, marinara, arrabiatta, and tomato basil sauces : Twins Bill and John Vesper of – Neither could think of anything so I’ll help them out:
“I was better looking!”

Kyree Tyrell, My New Philly, Gabbi Townsend, PR and Vernon Ray,
Founder of Creative Mind Productions at Creative Mind Productions (CMPphotos)

Kyree: “I’ll Be Back”; Gabbi: “Tred Lightly” and Vernon: “Lived My Best Life”

Chad Rosenthal,
The Lucky Well BBQ opening in Philly soon, Marilyn Russell, WOGL 98.1, Jay McHugh and Laura Boss, producer WOGL.

Laura: “She wasn’t Obnoxious and Wild, she was just Crazy Fun!!”

“Please don’t tread on dearest Marilyn
Cause she’s not very tough
She should have been made of iron or steel
But she was only made of flesh and blood “

Chefs Chad Rosenthal and Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy: “Lived His Life on Air and Ground, Now He’s Ready To Settle Down”

Gabbi Townsend and Eddie Keels, Philly Current owner.
Moi, Marilyn Russell, Sheila Hess, Thanuja Hamilton, Miguel and awesome women on stilts

Sheila Hess: “Miss Philadelphia” – Thanuja: “She Finally Made It Home”

I guess it’s only fair to tell you my Tombstone Message, although I’ll probably do something like photographer John Cruice, who was in attendance, and not have a tombstone but instead become mulch and feed a tree, they have that service you know. Any who this would be my saying:

“He’s Dead, now He’ll Sleep”