Your Chance to See Queer Eye Fab 5 This Weekend

Happy Thursday. Let’s cut to the chase, for the next few months I’ll be covering the Queer Eyes every where about here on the blog, as well as my social media. I hear ya, you all watch them and want to meet them. My inbox/DM’s are full of requests like never before. I think it’ll be easy to find them, there’s 5 of them and after only being here for 3 days they’re out and about. Let’s see where the Fab 5 have been spotted so far, and where you might get a chance to see them….

A reader sent me this photo which was taken on Monday by one of their friends. The friend was questioning if this was Tan France. IT IS Says my other readers. That’s his husband, Rob France next to him. They were crossing the street at 2nd and Market Streets. Monday I was also tipped off by another reader that next week the fab 5, will be making over a straight man and his family in DelCo, which I tweeted about and got some hysterical responses from my readers.

DrewDwarves – ExtraLife2019 Team ThreadRaiders!‏ @DrewDwarves8h8 hours ago Replying to @HughE_Dillon

where do yous think they’ll go shopping at? The Target in Springfield or the other Target in Springfield?

Hysterical Female tweeted: If they don’t do at least a whole five minutes trying to learn how to properly say “down the shoore”, it will all be for naught. I have faith though…

tejida‏ @tejida11h11 hours ago Replying to @HughE_Dillon@QueerEye

When he says our and it sounds like R, it will show he’s a native.

PJ‏ @TheRealPJG18h18 hours ago Replying to @HughE_Dillon@QueerEye

“Yous don’t think I should wear sweat pants to a wedding?”


Tan was at Old City Sweat this morning (Wednesday). And pretty sure Bobby was sighted on Race Street last night.

Lindarellapang is inviting the Fab 5 to Sunday’s Delco’s Pride Parade in Media, Pa. The borough will celebrate on that last Sunday, June 30, from 1-3 p.m. on Plum Street Mall between State and Front streets. The proclamation welcomed everyone to “reaffirm our commitment to diversity, equality and mutual respect in our community.” (source)

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