Scenes from World Pride NYC

I have to confess, I didn’t take as many photos as I have in previous years. It was so crowded and hot that I just didn’t have it in my, but I want to chronically what I did see for my future self.

The biggest heroes right after the pioneers who fought the police 50 years ago, who were constantly harassing us, shaking us down as well as the business establishments and raiding the bars (BTW they were still doing that in the 80s in Cherry Hill and in Philly as I was in bars which were raided to harass us) are the Allies of the LGBTQ like this guy proudly wearing his Ally shirt!! Thanks!!
I’ve heard some of the youngins are upset about how corporate the parade has come, we welcome them. We boycotted anti gay, anti civil rights corporations until they heard us. We tried for years to get them to acknowledge our buying power in order for them to respect us. NOW THEY HEAR US, we fought for this and this past year it’s been overwhelming with the rainbow colors on every store front.

I was so excited to spot my mentor Carmen Valdes on the left, who taught me to be a celebrity photographer while I lived in NYC in the 00s, long story. She’s photographing Sen. Chuck Schumer.

I was so excited to find the Visit Philly – Philadelphia Pioneers – On the Road to Stonewall float. A beautiful float which was in Philly Pride, and will next be seen at July4th Parade this week. The float was created by President Todd Marcocci and his team at Under the Sun Productions, Inc.

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