Walking Dead to Film in Philadelphia, Dispatches Update, Retail Update & Baby News

Oh what a weekend, sure it’s 100f but that’s unique. I hope you all went out and experienced it. It doesn’t happen often, and it’s the opposite of when dad would tell us when I was a kid the snow was up to here.

Congrats to the sexist couple in Philly Brandon Morrison and Stacey Kracher on the birth of their bouncing baby girl Azuri.

Big News out of the San Diego Comic Con this week. First DANAI GUIRAR who plays machette wielding  Michonne on WALKING DEAD just announced she was leaving after this season of the popular AMC TV series. Last year Andrew Lincoln, who played Rick left, and it was announced shortly after that he’d be starring in a series of WALKING DEAD MOVIES, which will only be released in movie theaters, first. Well at comic con they released a trailer for the movie, which hasn’t event started filming yet, I was screaming when I saw it as it played the creepy soundtrack to the show and zeroed in on a silhouette of the PHILADELPHIA SKYLINE, OMG.

My nephew Tim is going to freak out. Last year he and his mom, my sister, traveled to Georgia to check out the film set. He’s an uber fan. Hopefully it’s not like going to be partially filmed here like Shazam, which was released earlier this year. It was set in Philly but mostly filmed in Canada. The film production did spend a day in Philly getting background shots on the Art Museum steps, and a few other places. But lets cross our fingers this is not the case. I WANT TO BE A ZOMBIE EXTRA. As long as we have Sharon Pinkenson and her team at the Greater Philadelphia Film Office working hard to attract these films we’ll be ok says this paparazzi.

Speaking of AMC TV show, filming has finally begun for Dispatches From Elsewhere. I had a chance to observe filming on Tuesday as they filmed scenes on South Street. Jason Segel was filmed walking down the street
reading his phone, he steps in front of a car which stops suddenly avoiding hitting him. Surprisingly Jason did his own stunts, and the car was definitely going about 15 miles an hour. Then they headed to the Curtis Center where Jason filmed in the lobby to the delight of the tenants in the building. It’s my understanding that this will be “Jason’s” apartment building. Friday they filming in Old City and then headed to the streets near the Melrose Diner in South Philly. It was so hot out, and the poor guy had to endure the weather in his costume, the film must take place in the fall as he wears a black shirt and a black coat in all the scenes. DINING OUT: BTW Jason Segel’s dined at Pinefish at 12th and Pine, and The Palm in The Bellevue last week.

QU Japan Bistro & Bar is coming soon to Center City, where Potbelly used to be on 16th Street at 1635 16th Street. The closest one is located in KOP and has had rave reviews.

The former Cosi at 12th and Walnut looks like it’s found a tenant as a rumored Starbucks will be moving in. Yes I know there’s one across the street, but the much smaller one will be closing and employees and hopefully clientele will move in shortly.

Photo and paragraph provided by client

On a sweltering Saturday afternoon in Wayne, Yards Brewery
and Black Powder Tavern
teamed up to celebrate our nation’s independence while honoring the revolutionary history of the Tavern. That combination drew the faithful from the Main Line.
The event brought out dozens of guests of all ages in variations of red, white and blue and colonial period dress. Taking place on a patriotic patio, the event featured Yards on tap, patriotic
cocktails flowing, and the DJ was spinning beats from many eras of music and calling out historical trivia for guests to win giveaways from Yards. Ben Franklin and James Madison presented a recitation of the Declaration of Independence.