First Photo of Idris Elba and Stranger Things’ Caleb McLaughlin on Set of Concrete Cowboys, Dispatches from Elsewhere Recreates the Philly Pride Parade

Idris Elba Rides Again, The Philly Pride Parade is Recreated for Dispatches from Elsewhere more HughE Around Town Philly Gossip….

My guardian angels were smiling on me yesterday. As you know I was at the beach in the beginning of the week. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday I was on the set of Dispatches from Elsewhere. I had heard that Ghetto Cowboy (now called Concrete Cowboys) was filming at the Fletcher Stables in North Philly Tuesday through Thursday, but because I wanted to shoot Meek Mill at the courthouse at 930am on Tuesday I headed there, then nearby to 7th and Walnut for Dispatches filming with Sally Field. For weeks I knew about Dispatches shooting the Philly Pride Parade in the Gayborhood but I didn’t know the time, so I wanted to keep that whole day open, well up to the point where I needed to leave to photograph the red carpet arrivals in Asbury Park for Blinded by the Light premiere, (I’ll write more about that night next week.)

Then Thursday, I planned to photograph the filming of the next James Bond, Idris Elba on the set of the movie located that day at Fletcher Stables, my friend Mike Klose was there and sent me a few photos of Idris so I could see what he was wearing. I parked my car in a really good spot, and it was a huge success check out more photos Philly Voice, Inquirer and CBS and this great article by Victor Fiorillo at PhillyMag . I’ll write more about my personal experience and how the photo came about on Sunday in my weekly HughE Around Town column, every Sunday on PhillyChitChat.com Thanks

Dispatches from Elsewhere Film Set: Wednesday’s scene was the re creation of the Philly Pride Parade. Back in June many folks spotted actor Jason Segal watching the parade. He got an idea, he’ll use it in a scene for his new TV series Dispatches From Elsewhere. The production contacted me for the producer of the parade info, Frannie Price, except at first I thought it was for Queer Eye cause they only identified themselves as a TV show being filmed in Philly. The rest is history.

In this scene transgender actress Eve Lindley’s character stumbles upon the parade. That’s Eve on the left in the brown hair. I’ve had her here on these pages before, she’s super nice and when she sees me always gives me good eye contact and a smile. What more could a paparazzi want.
A shot I took on Tuesday of Eve Lindley. Lindley has appeared in Mr. Robot, Outsiders and plays a young trans woman working as a docent at a museum.
Franny Price consulted on the scene and told me that it was important that the scene depicted the Philly Pride flag with the Black & Brown stripes, and so it does. Thanks Franny.

I photographed as they were setting up to do a rehearsal, unfortunately I could stay as it was 2PM, and I had to be on the road by 3PM to whisk Marilyn Russell and I off to Asbury Park.

The star of Blinded by the Light Viveik Kalra , Marilyn Russell and I on the red carpet at the premiere in Asbury Park Wednesday night.