Philly Celebrates Outfest honoring Fox29’s Good Day anchors Alex Holley and Mike Jerrick

Happy Outfest, no doubt Philadelphia has one of the largest in the country. I remember attending the first few years in the 1990s, when it was held on 3 blocks on Pine Street. It was always a great time. Congrats to Frannie Price, Chuck Voltz and MC Henri David and their team who have organized and executed the event for nearly 30 years.

Camac Street has become our own little Christopher Street of the 1990s, where all the gays hung out, mingle, made out and danced. It was a great time.

I had a great time hanging out with Alex Holley and Mike Jerrick as they revived the 2019 Friend of Pride, which was presented on stage by me, and Antoine Johnson, House of Talent and a long time friend of both, especially Mike Jerrick.

Frenchie Davis entertains the crowd

My speech which I gave to honor Alex Holley:

Happy Out Fest Philadelphia. My name is HughE Dillon, from PhillyChitChat.com I’m here to honor my friend Alex Holley from Fox 29 Good Day. I’ve been a contributor to Fox 29 for nearly a decade and have seen first hand the spectacular job the dynamite duo- Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley have done reporting stories affecting our community. AND with Alex ITS NOT JUST a cliché, SHE REALLY does have a lot of gay friends, dating all the way back to her hometown of Dallas, Texas (And BTW She’s an Eagles fan I cheered, go Eagles). She’s always been supportive in the LGBTQ community, and when an issue affecting us arises, she wants to discuss it on Good Day.  She brings on the people who are at the heart of the issue to express the importance of the matter. Alex does a great job conveying the message to the general public. SHE knows the pronouns, SHE knows the language, and personally when someone once asked me how I refer to my husband do I say, husband or wife, before I even could answer, ALEX Holley explained to him, his name is Mike, and he’s Hughe’s husband. Alex Holley – A friend of Mine, A Friend of Pride. Congratulations.

Check out additional photos on CBSPhilly. I need to do my eyebrows like this person in the first photo.