City Winery Opens in Philly and It’s A Welcomed Site

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Welcome winter right, but I’m ready for it, I love spring, summer and fall but I’m ready for sweater season. Bare with me as I write about events I covered over the past 20 days. You might have seen the photos in my other columns, but now I’ll be focusing on the sites, sounds and decor more than just who went like City Winery.

Tom Hutchinson, Pennsylvania Convention Center and Erika White, Pennsylvania Convention Center
The main floor has a full scale restaurant and bar

City Winery is known for its eclectic, A-list musical performances by the world’s most respected artists. City Winery Philadelphia will feature a robust live music calendar with custom designed audio acoustics by world-renowned Meyer Sound. Meyer Sound has worked with City Winery in all locations, providing a superior listening experience for our guests. Our Philadelphia venue has been designed to provide comfortable sight lines and an intimate connection with the performers on stage. City Winery is proud to offer full food and beverage service during concerts and has trained its staff to provide superior service without compromising the listening and/or viewing experience.

Check out additional photos here and here. I’ll see you at City Winery!!