Congrats Mike Jerrick & Patty Jackson; Halsey & Evan Peters Spotted and Dispatches from Elsewhere

Can you believe this is my first “gossip” column for November. Philly Social Season was fierce and I didn’t have much time to create columns for ChitChat. I did post a lot of PhillyGossip on Social Media. Here are the highlights of what I’ve written, with a little bit more of a story, as well as happy times for so many people we call friends in Philly.

Congratulations to my friends, Philly media legends Mike Jerrick and Patty Jackson for their induction to the Broadcasters Hall of Fame on Friday night. Mike Jerrick has been a great mentor, friend, and supporter of mine since I popped onto the scene in 2011. He’s also funny as heck. The show is a blockbuster of information, entertainment and ad libbing to get our day going. It’s a unique show, with a unique host with a beautiful, talented cohost Alex Holley. Patty Jackson is a legend. I’ve been listening to her for as long as I can remember turning on the radio. To meet her nearly a decade ago, and find her to be as authentic and kind as she comes across on the radio wasn’t a surprise, because she’s the real deal. In the past few years, she’s overcome serious health issues and become a role model for survivors. She was always happy, but these days she percolates with even more zeal with pride of her work, her son and her newly created Auntie of Pop Culture gossip show on Social Media. Congratulations to Preston & Steve for their induction as well. It was a major year of legends being inducted.

Sunday night I put it out on Social Media that Halsey and Evan Peters were spotted eating at Capital Grille in Center City recently. I had heard the tip last week at the BBBS Fashion Touchdown. Well after posting it on Sunday night, a reader wrote me to say he ate dinner next to them. “I was eating at Capital Grill with friends and we sat at the next table. Halsey took a pic with me but Evan Peter didn’t because he said he was here on a secret project.” – maxxxstar This should answer your question on what’s Halsey doing in Philly?

Not really a secret project since those of us in Philly know he’s here filming an HBO series called Mare of Easttown with Kate Winslet. Both actors are staying in town and have been spotted out in about when not filming in Marcus Hook, Boothwyn, Coatesville and soon to be Center City.

It seems like the Summer of Segel just ended and now we get this pretty nugget from his show the sneak peek trailer from Dispatches from Elsewhere!! Philly Mag wants to know can you name all the Philly places in the trailer. Here’s what they have so far. Thanks for bearing with me this busy social season, I know a lot of you read my blog and have been writing to ask when I was going to do a new entry. I will try going forward to hit every day, or at least 4 times a week as we head into our 13th year doing PhillyChitChat blog….