What Folks are Eating During Conoravirus Pandemic

We’re almost through the first week social distancing. I like so many people ate a lot this week. I confess I’ve eaten all my special snacks, and am now left with frozen food and salad until I venture out again. Let’s see what some of our friends have eaten their first week of socially distancing…

Aah pizza, that’s a perfect Friday night snack, especially because it’s Lent. Which reminds me how many of us have stuck by the no sweets promise, or for Alex Holley no carbs. Let’s see what she’s eating.

Alex Holley, Fox 29’s Good Day anchor, is sticking with it. I really didn’t doubt her, she is very disciplined and devoted. This week her favorite dish was a seaweed salad.

Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick is enjoying Geoffrey Zakarian Crab Cakes from QVC. Says they’re delicious. Watch Fox29’s Good Day with the dynamic duo every morning.

Pretty in Passyunk is having nachos. Now why didn’t I think to buy chips, cheese and beef?

Now that looks delicious, healthy and on the diet I should be doing.

Kristina Brodie on advice to keep our gut strong

Love this french fry bag that Brittney Shipp is sporting this week. Looks delicious . I should have bought fries, and ice cream and donuts and hamburgers… Thanks for hanging. See you on Monday. Believe it or not I have a bunch of parties I shot last week that I still need to place, I was just shell shocked this week. Peace out, and stay in. HughE