A Peek Into Reporters Homes

Ever since reporters began practicing social distancing while covering the COVID19 outbreak, we the audience have been given a peek at their off screen personalities by way of their home decor.

One of the first reporters I screen shot was sports anchor Don Bell, CBS3, all the way back on March 17 when he was one of the first reporters I noticed reporting from home (L). I love his disco ball, or is that a light fixture, near his kitchen. Then a few weeks later I captured him again and he’s changed location. He has a green thumb, great taste in art and is a talented photographer. Check out his Instagram for some of his work.

NBC10’s Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz‘s backdrop consists of lots of family photos including his wife Christie, they met on Match.com (so all my friends who say they never meet anyone on there, just hang on), a hat from Weather.com and of course a satellite photo of a hurricane. (He worked at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, from 1974 to 1977)

After Social Distancing on the anchor desk for a week, popular, perky Fox29’s Good Day anchor Alex Holley headed home last week to co-host the show from living room. The first day of broadcasting featured a photo of her entertaining co-anchor Mike Jerrick on the bookshelf behind her, but the following week he was gone and a cross stitch photo appeared “I Love My Job” next to a photo of her family which I took a few years ago at Easter Brunch. I’ll be sad this year we won’t be having brunch together as we’ve done for the past 3 years. (Happy Easter Glenn and Sharyn Holley)

Wednesday morning Alex still loves her job as the sign stays, but she replaced the Texas white candle with a stylish gold candle, removed a few books and has basically created an Easter egg hunt on her shelf as she’s shuffled the eggs around. Favorite books “Believe It” by Nick Foles, “Leave Everything To God”, “The Power of Nice” and the “The Joy of Cooking”. Maybe Alex could do her own segment on Good Day of her favorite dishes to make during a pandemic.

Stephen Colbert’s bookshelf includes books from political, patriotic and prayer incluinge “No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden”, “The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World”, The Bible, “Lincoln” and “America”.

Originally Kathy Orr, Fox29’s meteorologist was going to transform her spare bedroom into “my #stayhome weather center” but it looks like she chose her lovely living room.

Because Robin Roberts is in a high risk category as a myelodysplastic syndrome survivor she began anchoring Good Morning American nearly a month ago. The first day on the air the background featured a lot of family photos including her parents, sister and her partner of a decade, Amber Laign. Also on the shelf behind her was a vase, and a large amethyst. (Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification; cleansing one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments) . The following week the background was rearranged, and gone was the Amethyst, and now a red sculpture was added along with a white candle. The photos have been changed, and she added a photo of her parents Lawrence E. and Lucimarian T. Roberts.

This week the red sculpture was switched sides with the candle and the Amethyst returned, the photos were switched out but her parents remain in the same place.

Fox29’s sports anchor Kristen Rodgers also has a green thumb, how bout that orchid.

GMA’s Whit Johnson‘s home looks like it’s right out of Architectural Digest whereas weatherman Dave Price has a fish aquarium plugged into the wall and seemingly is floating in mid-air.

Brightening up the night Jacqueline London, NBC10 anchor has a beautiful living room with decorative pillows, a print of a women walking with a dog on the Parkway with City Hall in the background and image for Pinchu dog. I love everything about this house, it’s so zen.

I love 6ABC’s Sarah Bloomquist’s silver tea set with a blue and white porcelain table lamp.

Another CBSPhilly correspondent with a green thumb Kate Bilo, meteorologist presents her daily weather forecast in front of a lush background.

Lately Steve Sosna has been doing NBC10’s weather forecast from his living room near the entrance of his home. I love the blueprint of Philadelphia on the wall behind him, but my favorite item in his house is his NBC peacock pillow (on left in 2nd photo) which is on his couch, another favorite spot in his house where he reports reports.

Happy birthday this week Jamie Apody. I love her family room filled with so many memories and family photos.

Winner of best background is Bob Kelly, Fox29’s Traffic Reporter, when you really don’t care about what the traffic is you can just soak in all the tchotchkes on his shelves. Love his Phillies jersey, which he wore on what was supposed to be Phillies Opening Day last week. Over his right shoulder is a replica Mummers hat wore at the Eagles Super Bowl Parade by Jason Kelce, a traffic light which lights up when he’s on the air, so many traffic signs and sports bobble heads and a Good Day Philly mug.

I have so many more photos, and will periodically check out the folks above to see if they’ve moved things around to show more of their favorite things. Maybe in a few weeks I will do another segment of Reporter’s Favorite Things and did they really read that book? Happy Passover and Happy Easter. I’ll be back with new content on Monday. Keep safe, enjoy your family and keep in contact with your friends on ZOOM. HughE