Easter In Philly 2020 – Here’s What Some of Our Neighbors Were Doing

Since I started self isolating 3/13 I never saw or experienced the City shutting down. Yesterday I headed out to see what the new reality was like.

As I waited at the red light near my house, on Kelly Drive, I saw hope, a young man wearing a mask. Maybe people were getting the message, all people are affected by the coronavirus, Covid19 – The Beast.

I was surprised that some older people weren’t wearing masks, like this women jogging by the Rocky Steps.

Rocky is still a draw

Oh my as lovely as it seems I would not be lying near the tulips that closely.
These lovely ladies are exercising in Fairmount Park

It was a beautiful day. All in all people were for the most part practicing social distancing, and/or wearing masks. I’m glad to be able to report this to you all, and I can’t thank you enough for all your support, messages, prayers, cards and a special thanks to Wanda in Lancaster for my new masks she created. I love them. See you back here on Wednesday. I’ve decided to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s on the blog for now. And on social media every day. Thanks!! Have a safe day. BTW Check out more photos at CBSPhilly. I probably put the best photos there.