Home Bodies; New Babies and Eagles Alumni Thank Front line Workers

It was a beautiful weekend, I hope you had a chance to enjoy the sunshine, even it was just on your front stoop or opening your window. Get out there today as well cause I think most of the week it’s gonna rain, a chilly rain. Ugh, it’s bad enough right…I haven’t done a “HughE Around Philly” column in awhile so let’s see what’s happening.

Oh my gosh, I haven’t worked out at all for the past 6 weeks. That has to stop. This past week I was checking a few studios who are virtually sweating.

Congrats to my friends Rosemary Connors and Ben Cross on the birth of their beautiful baby son, Ben Jr. who is in 1 month old today!!

Congrats Philadelphia Independents on their 6th Anniversary! Much love to Tiffica, Jennifer, and Ashley for their successful all handmade, all local. business in Old City.

People Doing Good: Medical Students for Masks a registered nonprofit raising money for PPE (N95 masks) to protect Philly area healthcare workers. ⇩ Website for more info ⌲ DM to get involved! linktr.ee/medical_students_for_masks

Meet the Founding Organizers of CoverAid Director Elissa Bloom, executive director of Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is proud to be a part of this incredible initiative supplying much needed PPE to the Philadelphia healthcare community. In the past 6 weeks CoverAid PHL volunteer sewers made 6,894 masks and have production orders of over 46,000 masks.

Thanks so much to Philly Mag and Brian Howard’s compilation story on the COVID19 on 12 Philadelphians Share Their Coronavirus Pandemic Impact Stories and specifically the story on my journey. My Pandemic Story: by Jason Sheehan HughE Dillon on Surviving COVID-19 and Wanting to Do More to Help