One Year Later: Cope, Woke and Hope

I went back and forth on whether I wanted to “celebrate” or note this anniversary. I am so grateful to be here, and several times I didn’t think I would make it. Normally I suffer from depression, and this year it was magnified by the interruption of normalcy, isolation and growth. Growth you say, how did that happen. Well coping in the new normal made me look at things, people, my life differently. What matters, what really matters. Time, moments, connection. I’m still not there yet, but I can control time and my life. Why did I let my life get out of control, and stressful, I don’t want that, and you shouldn’t either. Remind me next time I do an elevator chat discussing how stressed I am.
Thank you all for an incredible year of support. Today is the one year anniversary of my experience with Covid19. I honestly did not think I would survive. I will forever be grateful for your prayers, good thoughts, healing vibes for the 10 days of hell. Every day I think about it, as well as all those who also suffered and the 500ks plus who died.

Today I reflect on a year where we all suffered so much, especially mentally, not knowing when or how this would end. I know most of you lived with fear of catching this deadly disease, and despite that many showed up to work to serve us, or made their voices heard. There’s hope on the horizon.

Thanks to my friends as I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve become a better one. Thanks to my husband Mike, I’ve become a better one. Thanks to you my readers who educate me when I stumble, and to those who thank me when I add value to your lives. A special thanks to all the frontline health workers, and scientists, to the reporters their work and bravery is admirable, I believe them, and thank you to the government. I have hope for a brighter future. Thank you again. Looking forward to getting back to work, photographing events. Glad I’m here, glad you’re here, I look forward to seeing you soon. ❤️