Halloween at Michelle & Josh’s

Thank you Josh and Michelle for the fantastic Halloween Party at your beautiful home last night. Actually this is Todd Herremans and Elizabeth Herremans who came as their best friends Josh Demarco and Michelle “Measha” Miller the hosts of the party. So uncannily close except for the height and former football conditioned body thing…. I remember I met Todd the first time through Michelle about 14 years ago. I love that he met and married his soulmate in Philly, and they live and raise their family here as well. Can we talk about the wallpaper. I love the DeMarco’s style.

Did I get a photo of the DeMarco’s together, nah, failure on my part. I did get a shot of Michelle and her bestie Karin Annerhed. The two were equally scary, and always so much fun!!

Jackson Duncan and Haile Houck. Haile got the neck makeup from the dollar store and is hoping it
comes off easy as it’s adhered by glue.

Friday night I saw Pitbull in concert. While I was watching him I thought we looked uncannily alike, as so many bald, round faced guys do (sans 150lbs and muscles). I had an idea…. Mike came as The My Pillow CEO, and I encourage people to punch in in the pillow, but he didn’t think that was funny. Behind us is a fantastic Beetlejuice which Michelle created. Amazing!!

Josh DeMarco and his brother Rob, who came as the biggest Todd Herremans fan!!

Alex Holley the Queen of Halloween. After an incredible day of being Missy Elliott on Fox 29 on Friday, where even Missy Elliott gave her props, she came as Toni Braxton to haunt our souls with her sultry looks. I just love another sad song to soothe my soul…..

Happy Halloween everyone. I can’t wait to see who I see today, especially at the Hound-O-Ween Fall Festival in Northern Liberties…I’ll see you tomorrow right here on PhillyChitChat. Thanks…

And if you have a halloween costume or a little something you want to share, email me at HughE @phillyChitChat.com

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Hound-O-Ween Fall Festival