Breakthrough: Annual Spring Soirée 2023

Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia is working to promote equity in education by bringing together motivated middle school students and college students who aspire to be teachers. By providing these middle schoolers with the inspiration and support they need to succeed, and by giving aspiring teachers the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience, your program is helping to establish a more equitable education system. This is important work, as access to quality education is key to creating a more just and equitable society.

Recently a dinner, trivia night and silent auction were held on April 27, 2023 to raise funds for Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia.

Cameron Bonner, Jakob and Joshua Bakali
Rob Marcantuono, Chief Financial Officer at Germantown Friends School and Rebecca Marcantuono, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Breakthrough Scholars get a tuition-free and rigorous academic, co-curricular and life-skills enrichment program that fosters their love of learning and commitment to succeed in education.

Josephine Johnston, and Matthew Johnston, Senior Vice President at Equitable Advisors
Drew Bukasa, Nydia Han, Anchor and Consumer Investigative Reporter, 6abc Arlene Bukasa, and Theresa Kamara

Teaching Fellows are currently-enrolled college students and a pillar of our program at Breakthrough. Teaching Fellows are educators-as-superheroes, empowering and uplifting middle schoolers as diverse, talented role models. All the while bolstering their own future careers through an immersive and meaningful internship.

97% of the most recent 8th grade class surveyed at Breakthrough attended a non-neighborhood high school is a testament to the program’s success in preparing students for academic success beyond middle school. By providing motivated students with the support and resources they need to succeed, Breakthrough is helping to break the cycle of poverty and inequality that can often hinder educational attainment.

Falu W., Michelle Palmer and Michelle

Overall, it’s clear that Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia is making a significant impact in promoting equity in education in the city. I commend the program for its efforts and wish you all the best in your continued work to support and inspire students and teachers alike. Over $200ks was raised from the gala to help Breakthrough with their mission.