Philly Gossip: Sylva Senat Top Chef, Sets Date For Restaurant Opening, Murals Frankie Avalon, John Mellencamp

Good Sunday, what a gorgeous day out. I hope you all get out and enjoy, I hope you get to spend time with your friends, family and those you love. Last night I went to #PhillyFightsCancer a fundraiser for The Abramson Cancer Center. It was an amazing event and tomorrow I’ll have photos in and People are really generous with their time and money in order to help other people. What a blessing. Philadelphia, wow what a place to live, or visit. Over the last decade it’s just gotten so attractive. Thanks Ed Rendell. I really believe it started with him, and people he put in place to execute the vision. With each administration after him they fulfilled this legacy. I’m not saying we don’t have problems, we do, but the vision of making Philadelphia a 7/24 city is at our doorstep. I’m so excited AC Moore is coming. People wrote me this week and were disappointed on that choice, but what do they want. Trust me the real estate peeps and building owners have aggressively tried to get Bed, Bath & Beyond, The Container Store, even Restoration Hardware to come into the bigger spaces, but to no avail. The Post Brothers tried very hard to get Restoration Hardware into the old Avenue A/Ted Montana space, but RH didn’t feel like the “loading dock” was big enough. And that’s in quotes cause there’s barely a loading dock. As for FYE, the powers to be really wanted a Bed, Bath & Beyond, but AC Moore came in with a higher bid. Go to Target get your bath supplies, meet me later at AC Moore as I’ll be in the art supply section; plus they have art classes for the very novice, oh and DIY crafty classes. That’s a win. Another thing who would have thought a Whole Foods would excited a City. WOW, go see it. It’s beautiful, and innovated. OK onto what’s gossipy this week. PS This next story is a good example of one I held back last Thursday. I spoke with Sylva Senat at &Pizza on Wednesday night. I had two big stories, the AC Moore story, and what the chef told me. I decided to split them. Later that day the big Senat story broke by Molly Eichel, I’ll link it below. Even if you are working on something, it’s ok and nice if you acknowledge when someone else publishes it first, even just online. It doesn’t have to be acknowledge in print since print is king. I first saw the story in PhillyMag, but I did an internet research and saw Molly wrote it the day before. So that’s who gets credit. PSS It’s sure nice that last week the Inky and Daily News gave me credit for the timeline of the Geno’s “No English” sign along with Billy Penn’s story. And thanks to Phila Biz Journal and Philly Voice for giving me the credit for the AC Moore story. I’m just a little blog and links help for SEO, especially since I just re-did my site.

Sylva Senat, Laura Rankin, &pizza and  Michael Lastoria, chief executive of &pizza

I ran into former-Tashan head man, now Dos Tacos, Chef Sylva Senat at &Pizza on Wednesday night. I barely recognized him, and he told me he cut off his trade mark dreads as he embarked on a new projects and decided to make the change.  Up next for him he’s excited for his new eatery  Maison 208 208 S 13th St where the long defunct Letto Cafe was located.   Across the street is another popular eatery, Indeblue: Indian Restaurant.  Senat tells me Maison 208 ( 208 S 13th St) he’s aiming for the first week in December, hopefully just in time for his appearance in the 14th season of Top Chef, premiering at 10 p.m. Dec. 1 on Bravo.

As Molly notes, he did tell me he was relinquishing his part in Dos Taco’s, that really was just a stint to buy time between restaurant gigs. The other owner of Dos Taco’s Ryan Dorsey, who is heading the promotion crew at NOTO, short for “Not of the Ordinary, the new nightclub in the Loft District.


You might recall Maison 208 was under construction last year, and was burned down and this Wellness Mural designed by James Burns was destroyed as well, by a disgruntled contractor. Down but not out, Senat came back even stronger. The restaurant is nearly rebuilt,
changed the design of the interior, the mural is on it’s way to being restored and this time Senat tells me, it’s going to “continue” into the restaurant on the wall.


So bummed I wasn’t feeling well to make it to this event. I think as soon as I’m well I’m going to get that flu shot. MURAL ARTS PHILADELPHIA DEDICATES  SOUTH PHILLY MUSICIANS REMIX MURAL WITH BLOCK PARTY, Celebrate South Philly’s music legacy and the Bandstand era of musicians who contributed to the city’s rich cultural history – Frankie Avalon, Chubby Checker, Bobby Rydell, Jerry Blavat, Eddie Fisher, Fabian Forte, Al Martino, Charlie Gracie, and James Darren – at an afternoon block party featuring music from DJ King Arthur and emceed by Jerry “The Geator with the Heater” Blavat, refreshments, and the dedication of Eric Okdeh’s new mural, South Philly Musicians Remix.


Afterwards the legendary Geator with the Heater, and Frankie Avalon headed to Gran Caffe L’Aquila where Sylvia Feinberg stopped by to say hi


Don’t miss the Phila Gay Men’s Chorus holiday concerts. The schedule isnt up yet, but when they put it up get a ticket.

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That guy on the left looks like Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine. Congrats to my hubby Mike Toub, who volunteered at his
21st AIDS Walk Philly as bike monitor. Frankie

 John Mellencamp signs a fans head at the AC airport

Frankie Frankie

Phillywood returns to Philly with the Philadelphia Film Festival 10/20 – 10/30 Frankie Frankie

Congrats to Shelley on her new position at WHYY. You’ll remember when she won an Emmy a few weeks ago, in her speech she said if anyone was looking for an Emmy award winning
producer she was available. It’s all about connections and being at the right place at the right time.

Have an awesome day. HughE