Boardroom Spirits Launches C, Carrot Spirit at Aldine Restaurant

Boardroom Spirits Launches C, Carrot Spirit at Aldine Restaurant

Just in time for the Easter Bunny

Boardroom Spirits and Aldine Restaurant celebrated the launch of C, a new to ‘market’  carrot spirit, appropriately on the first day of spring. C, distilled entirely from raw carrots,  is the second expression in Boardroom Spirits’ Periodic Table of Spirits, following ‘B’, a  beet distilled spirit.


C ($29.99) is sold at the Lansdale, PA Distillery (575 W. 3rd St., Lansdale) and is  available at Boardroom Spirits’ day cart at the Reading Terminal Market on Thursdays  and Sundays. Besides Aldine, other top Philadelphia restaurants and bars like Martha  and Harvest will also include the carrot spirit on their cocktail menus. C will roll out  nationally at the end of this month for purchase on Ezra’s.

HD1_9764 (Custom) Jennifer Sabatino and Chef George Sabatino, owners of Aldine
DSC_9741 (Custom)

Guests at the spring fete enjoyed a variety of cocktails and bites all created from – you  guessed it – carrots. Distillery owners Marat Mamedov, Zsuzsa Palotas, and Vladimir  Mamedov were on hand to discuss the unique qualities of the new product and its  potential uses both behind the bar and in the kitchen. The friendly Lansdale-based  distillers invited everyone to learn more about C and their other spirits (award winning  vodka, rum, gin, and more) at their family-owned craft distillery.

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If the Easter Bunny were a bartender, these are the drinks he would serve…

C-Sour (can be found at Aldine Restaurant in Philadelphia) (drink with umbrella)

1oz Boardroom Spirits C, 100% carrot spirit

1oz vodka

1oz ginger simple syrup*

1.25 oz lemon juice

egg white

HD1_9769 (Custom)
Aldine’s bar manager Zeq Rudy served up creative C spirit  cocktails like the Raspberry Thyme Gimlet and C-Sour ($11 at Aldine).


  • Combine C, ginger, simple syrup, lemon juice and egg white in a cocktail shaker
  • Fill shaker with ice and shake vigorously
  • Strain into an ice-filled old-fashioned glass
  • Garnish with sugar

*For simple syrup – heat equal parts water and sugar until sugar dissolves. Add grated fresh ginger to taste. Cool and store in refrigerator for one week.

DSC_9748 (Custom)


HD1_9810 (Custom)

DSC_9737 (Custom)

Cassie Hepler, Ernest Owens and Jillian Wilson

HD1_9785 (Custom)

Chef George Sabatino’s  Slow-Roasted Carrots with Whipped Ginger Yogurt were delicious and are available on  Aldine’s spring menu.

HD1_9786 (Custom)

Whole Wheat Bread with Carrot Butter

HD1_9795 (Custom)

Carrot Croquettes

HD1_9805 (Custom)

Lea Thierman, Phila My Tummy and Lorraine Gimblett, Food Shelter Public Relations

HD1_9808 (Custom)

Amiel Stan, Bon Apetit and Regan Stephens, Food&Wine


DSC_9728 (Custom)
While carrot is the predominant flavor, the spirit has a gentle spiciness and slight sweetness. With many bars experimenting with carrot cocktails,


Photos: The Florida Keys and Key West Cook-Off in Philadelphia

A touch of the Florida Keys came to Philadelphia on Monday night March 6th. The first-ever Philadelphia Florida Keys and Key West Food Influencer Cook-Off took over Walnut Hill College – 24 of the region’s top radio/TV personalities, chefs and food influencers got behind the stove and cooed off for a chance to win a five night six day vacation.


The sold-out event took over the entire building and had over 120 people in attendance.

Some notable names included Pat Croce, iHeart’s Nicole Michalik, Fox 29’s Alex Holley, WOGL’s Marilyn Russell, WMMR’s Marisa Magnatta, TV chef Roberta Pipito, Tony Luke and others. On top of the cooking portion, four bartenders competed in the cocktail competition from Vesper, Dim Sum House, Fine Palate and Whetstone Tavern.  HD1_7037 (Custom)

Guest were serenaded when they arrivedHD1_7042 (Custom)

The setting was perfect for local celebrity and influencer cheftestant cook off as Walnut Hill College is a culinary school which

HD1_7024 (Custom)

has full size industrial kitchens,

HD1_7411 (Custom)

as well as dining areas for serving


Chef Bobby Stoky from famed Marker 88 restaurant in the Florida Keys worked with the students and was a judge in the competition. Chef Bobby prepared a Red snapper, which the cheftestants were to prepare as part of the competition.
HD1_7422 (Custom)
HD1_7472 (Custom)
Local son Pat Croce who has several spots in the Florida Keys hosted the Keys Cocktail Competition. The idea behind the cocktail contest was to give a hard-working, over-worked, talented bartender a chance to get away “from it all.” The winner walked away with a trip to Key West!


Joe Maiellano and Sarah Maiellano, Thrillist, Emily Tharp, Her Philly and Caitlin McCullough, Restaurant School at Walnut Hill


Four bartenders from around the region and stirred up Keys-inspired cocktails including Kimberly Shurig – Fine Palate
Mother of the Dragon – Tequila and dragon fruit with a hint of habanero-infused simple syrup over fresh ice garnished with lime peel dragon fruit skin and cilantro. Here with Courtney Dow, owner of Fine Palate and Chef Vince Joseph


Ashley Serrate, NewmanPR and Carl Becker, executive VIP Walnut Hill College


Linda Vertlieb, Frugal Philly Mom


Paxton Reese and Alex Holley, both of Fox 29


LeAnne Lindsay, Tinsel and Tine (one of the best and consistent blogs with longevity) and Marisa Magnatta, WMMR

HD1_7204 (Custom)
Alex Holley has a favorite apron

HD1_7228 (Custom)
Barry Johnson and Cheftestant Ernest Owens, Philly Mag

HD1_7222 (Custom)

His pie was delicious, his snapper – hot and spicy


Seamus Banning, Vesper (winning bartender with his Black Pearl drink)


Maria Newman, Pat Croce, Andy Newman, Senior Vice President Newman PR and Jeff Sorg, CEO of Pat Croce & Company

HD1_7253 (Custom)



Michelle Curtis – Whetstone Tavern
Papa’s Punch
In honor of Hemmingway’s fishing nickname, this is a refreshing rum punch with flavors of basil, strawberry and pineapple. Perfect for drinking after a long day in the Florida sun.

HD1_7286 (Custom)

Reporter Jenny DeHuff wrote a humorous piece for her paper The Philly Voice


Steve McCann and Chris Balbi of PhillyGayCalendar won for the best Snapper – mango chutney tossed with coconut and jalapeño with a secret ginger kick.

HD1_7324 (Custom)



Iris McCarthy, The Palate Princess

HD1_7393 (Custom)

Aversa PR Reps Jamyra Perry and Karianna Simpkins

HD1_7397 (Custom)

HD1_7434 (Custom)
Judging was tough


Pat Croce, who judged the drink competition with the winner Seamus Banning, Vesper. Who created a drink called The Black Pearl. The Black Pearl
Eucalyptus, bitter citrus and spice affably dance with molasses in this dark rum cocktail, though its color remains as mysterious as The Black Pearl

HD1_7488 (Custom)

Chef Bobby Smoky
Steve McCann
and Chris Balbi of PhillyGayCalendar won for the best Snapper – mango chutney tossed with coconut and jalapeño with a secret ginger kick.

HD1_7492 (Custom)
Colleen Kennedy of Souffle Bombay was the overall winner for both her Key Lime Pie and Snapper

zColleen Kennedys Key Lime Pie (Custom)Colleen’s Key Lime Pie

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