Arrow Swim Club


The 3 Nerds Host Industry Night at Arrow Swim Club & It Was A Splash!!

The 3 Nerds hosted an Industry Night at Arrow Swim Club last night. Ryan Dorsey and Marc Mattera are two of the 3 Nerds, but Zach Seidman is an honorary Nerd (Like Shemp of the Three Stooges or Arnold of the Brady Bunch)
Arrow Swim Club closes at 9PM, but special interest groups can rent out the space for parties. I hear there have been a few doozies, I would include last nights

Splash with DJ Royale in the mix. (It was a Splash at Arrow Swim Club for Industry Night)The speedo isn’t dead and you don’t have to be Canadian to wear one.
Lovely ladies poolside Judy, Alice, Laura and Jen were there, and will be there next week too and might go swimming. Swimming at night sounds great, especially if your not at the beach.
As well as a few cool kids, in this case just a cool kid Jacky Wright soaks up the moonlight while relaxing in his own corner of the pool. Who needs more than 4 feet of water when you just want a water bed.
Even on their nights off the Whisper crew want to spend it together. GM Clark Maloney, Brett, Jason Serpes and crew
Philly2Night’s Rob Wright and Danielle Dubois were enjoying themselves.
as were many of the peeps in the industry. Drinks were a fair price averaging $5, but there were passed snacks including sliders and pita with humus that I enjoyed. The doors open at 9PM, but get there before 11PM if you have the munchies.
Many people I spoke to said it was there first time through the Arrow Swim Club doors. A few even told me they would be signing up next year. I told them the price had dropped to $750, but some already had shore house shares.
Spotted at the pool, not in it though, Courtney Grant, Jaye Hamel, Megan Smith, Reggie Barry, Anthony Casey, and Arrow Swim Club Mgr Megan Kearney
The three Shaina’s although one of them spells their name Shayna
What were you doing at 12:20AM cause the crowd was still going strong at the club. Surprisingly enough when you are outside on the street you can’t hear the music. I’m not sure if that holds true for the apartments on the top floor, but you’d never know there was a party going on down below.
Sunday’s I hear Tommy Up and crew has a party “Baruno and Brown present TROPHY WIVES – Arrow Swim Club’s ALL GIRLS pool party.” Starts at 2PM and 10% of the proceeds go to the GLBT community.
I ran into George Tsiouris (Opa Restaurant), cousin Demetri Pappas (who just bought Xochitl with his friend Peter Leontaras) and their friend who’s name I didn’t get. But just moved back from LA and is working at Serafina’s. He’s single girls and well go say hi to him. As you know PhillyChitChat.com has just celebrated it’s 4th Anniversary. Opa wants to throw me a party to celebrate. It’s next Thursday 7/21. To make sure everyone is comfortable I’m keeping the number at 80. So send me an email at buzz @phillychitchat.com and you will be entered in a raffle. The details are still be worked out but I know there’s a hour open bar involved and food. ThanksSee you next week:

Please join 3 Nerds LLC, every Tuesday starting July12th for – SPLASH: Industry Tuesdays @ Arrow Swim Club.

NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED, $5 entry fee. Please provide proof of employment at any restaurant, bar, nightclub etc.

Sounds by DJ Royale

For Cabannas or Discounted Bottle Service please call 267.207.6067

Complimentary Passed Appetizers from 9:30 – 10:30

$5 Ketel 1, Espolon, and Jameson drinks. $3 Miller Lites & PBR.




Last night was the Arrow Swim Club opening night party. I got there a little late as I was at the DeSean Jackson Pancreatic Event at the Waterworks. Sorry for my whirlwind run through as I arrived at 830PM and thought the party was over at nine and wanted to see the club so I know I didn’t get a lot of photos but I heard many people call my name. (The party was extended til 10PM so I did get a few pictures at that point.)

Arrow Swim Club is located at 1031 Germantown Ave in Northern Liberties. I was impressed by the entrance which separates the public restaurant Chenango and the fire pit lounge, from the pool activities and bar on left. I also loved the branding throughout the place of “arrow heads”. Branding was everywhere on the uniforms of the servers and bartenders, light fixtures, wallpaper and even the blankets guests were given to snuggle in as they lounged by the pool.Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Assocs, co-owner of Arrow Swim Club and her public relations company, understands the importance of branding, service and comfort. With her above is sister Kayce Cashman and fiance Luke Thomas. (Bart Blatstein is the other co-owner)
The pool looking towards the ping pong tables. People wondered if there were enough lounge chairs for 1.000 members, I would say yes. The Cashman crew. Alexa Darrow, Kaitlyn McCrea, Michael Steinberg, Alex Gort
The Bar. It reminds me of a Caribbean bar or a Key West bar. Lot’s of sayings on the wall that have my mind wandering after a few drinks about what it all means.
Alexa Scalzi, Jay Gatz and Marny Baxt. Marny as you may recall, ran the NYC Marathon last year and became pals with Hugh Jackman. She’s a personal training and is available for hire. Very energetic. Blue wrist band means you are a pool member. Congratulations!!
The complex is much larger than what appears on line.
Tiffany and Christopher Nork. Tiffany’s company “On the Spot Wellness” will be providing on the spot massages at Arrow Swim Club. The Norks are just about to become proud parents in 5 weeks. Congratulations!!
Joe Weiss and Sharon Pinkenson stylin’ as usual. I said to Sharon, executive director of the Philadelphia Film Office, that I hear Leonardo DiCaprio will be making a movie in our town this summer. She feigned surprise and said no comment. She might dispute feigned surprise but you know I have a Sixth Sense.
The men’s locker room. Very spacious, interesting bean bag chair/tables, nice lockers, 4 showers and ample fancy soap
Lindsay Furman, Daniel Cevallos and Sabrina Strickland
Chenango reminds me of a southwestern resort restaurant. It’s very spacious and comfortable and named for the street that runs perpendicular to Arrow Swim Club. And even though it was a chilly night I felt humid as if it were in White Sands New Mexico waiting to hike the dunes.
I was wondering how much weight the hammocks could hold, they said two people could fit in them. I thought I weigh about two people and tried it out. Very comfortable. Then I remembered I didn’t shoot the upstairs yet and made a not so graceful exit.
Mia Tinari-Fisher and Dave Fisher with Nina Tinari. Haven’t seen them forever, but being the first peeps I saw I couldn’t spend enough time with them. But they look fabulous don’t they? Mia and Dave’s one year anniversary must be coming up – Happy Anniversary!!

Donna O’Brien, Owner of Beautiful Blooms with Kendall Brown Candidate for Delaware County District Attorney. By this time in my head I am thinking during the day I could ride my bike there, or grab the #15 trolley that goes down Girard Ave. I think I will have lots of stories about No Libs this summer.
Upstairs has ample lounges, and nice seating areas. This is where I will be hanging out so I can seize up the scene. Although I would never take your photo unless you ask me too. I’m looking forward to working with my lap top on this couch as I answer emails and tweet to my followers about important going ons in the City. follow me @iphillychitchat.com
The cabana’s are sweet. Nice couches, and different in each one. Probably great on rainy days too. The club still has a nice vibe even when you’re not using it for a pool. There are two nice size TV’s over the bar good for watching the Kardashian’s on Saturday afternoon.
The upstairs lounge chairs. The upper deck has grass, think and green.
The bar area.
I really think it’s beautiful. I think that if you live in No Libs and you don’t have a pool, I would be surprised if you didn’t join because it’s so convenient. For other’s it’s seriously a nice swim club, and there’s much to do here besides swim, there’s the sun, the ping-pong tables, hammocks, food, a bar, networking, wi-fi, movie night, cocktail night, yoga and looks like a lot of fun. I spent the summers down the shore and know very well that feeling of being in an oasis separated from my normal day to day life, I really felt it here at Arrow Swim Club. A mini vacation right in the City.
All the way down to the quirky paintings on the wall. I hear Arrow Swim Club has a payment plan now.