Made in America Fashions and Celebrities in Attendance

Happy Made in America. I wasn’t there this year to shoot the best fashions, so I scoured social media to find them. There wasn’t a lot of photos of people, but there was a lot of photos of acts on stage.


And Beyonce with JayZ

9-6-2016 8-09-30 AM (Custom)

And Bill Clinton with fans, including notable Richard Bush, lead singer of my fav 80s band – The A’s

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I scoured the internet for about two days, and this is all I came up with. Maybe people didn’t know what the hashtag was, or just didn’t post selfies. I saw a lot of musicians on stage though.9-6-2016 7-59-16 AM (Custom)


Malia Obama stole the show


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9-6-2016 7-59-58 AM (Custom)

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After Jay Electronica invited them on stage

9-6-2016 8-48-15 AM

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Rahel Solomon, Melony Roy and Brook Thomas all of CBS3 Philly9-6-2016 9-13-32 AM


9-6-2016 8-53-14 AM

This year I wasn’t credentialed to shoot the event as there was a huge demand from around the world. I did get offers to shoot it after the initial turn down, but decided to go away instead and Mike was very happy about the vacation.  Budwesier also invited me to be their guest, and bring a guest, but Mike was not up for the 8 – 10 hr day he’d have to endure with me cause I like to be there for most of the time (FOMO – LOL). Even though I had a great vacation, and saw things that were on my summer bucket list, I really missed it, the people, all the fun things to see, the music, but most importantly that it happens right here Philly. See you next year, Bud!! (BTW it’s hell living on the Parkway after MIA completes too, it’s actually worse since everyone is back from the shore. Do yourself a favor, do not drive near the Parkway for another week.)


If Jay Z and Beyonce Did Buy at 500 Walnut This Is What Their Paradise Would Look Like

Late yesterday afternoon Michael Angelina from Berkshire Realty, posted this on his somewhat in active blog, Jay Z and Beyonce had purchased the most expensive Philadelphia Real Estate ever

a condo at 500 Walnut, which just had it’s ground breaking 2 weeks ago and overlooks Independence Hall, for 20 Million dollars.  I certainly thought it was possible, Philly is the place to be according to a dozen lists that have been published recently. (Although I was wondering about the price since the most expensive listing for 500 Walnut is $17 million)

Councilman Mark
Squilla, Alan Greenberger. Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Director
of Commerce, Mayor Michael Nutter, Tom Scannapieco, Scannapieco Development
Corporation, Jerry Holbrook COO at Fox Chase Bank, Herb Kolben, Senior Vice
President at ULLICO, William G. Schwartz, and Cecil Baker, architecture at the ground breaking earlier this month. I photographed the event and the photos are in the Business Journal and will be in Philly Mag.
 and contacted my client as I just photographed the grand breaking ceremony for them, who told me “…the rumor about Jay Z and Beyonce is just that. Wouldn’t it be nice though…” But let’s take a look at what Queen Bey and Jay are giving up…

The lobby is pretty fly

 This would be the unit Beyonce and Jay would be buying.

 Here’s the gym

 The building has it’s own masseuse
Nice roof deck
 with a fireplace

 There’s a community room. Can you imagine Jay and Bey as your neighbors playing a little 8 ball?
Unfortunately their fannies won’t be sitting in this Board Room as my contact at 500 Walnut tells me that there’s no truth to the rumor, even though they wish it were true. What an opportunity missed by the Carter’s, did they even check out the automated garage where your car drops you off at your front door then parks the car for you? http://www.500walnut.net/amenities/