A Little Birdie Told Me….

Wood Ducks

OK actually a little birdie is telling you, I’ll be away until next week, heading to Florida to visit Mom. This will be my last blog post until 4/15/21. I have scheduled interesting tweets, and will be posting on Instagram (and my new Instagram where I will be posting a lot more photos which have nothing to do with Philly, give me a follow there >> and everything to do with things I’m interested in.) and FB of my fun in Florida. So excited to see my mom in person after 15 months. Thanks to the healthcare workers, and all the front line workers who cared for me, and everyone during the pandemic.

In the meantime enjoy a few birds I photographed over the Easter weekend. Hopefully this time next year I will have an idea of what kinds of birds they are. I am bringing a birding book with me to get a clue. These were all shot at Edwin B. Forsythe. It’s about 45 minutes from Philly, and 20 minutes from AC. It’s really a great thing to do on a rainy day at the shore as well. It’s an 8 mile gravel road to drive on, with scenic views and nature. Cost $4

Blue Heron
Osprey building their nest

Caroline Wren

Getting in his greens
Reflecting on this year
Red Wing Black Bird
Easter Sunday was definitely one of the best days I had at the nature preserve

Have a wonderful week, and we’ll return on April 15.