Black Lives Matter Protest Signs

I learned a lot this past weekend. I always thought I was an ally, but I realized I was still blind to the message. I have a large reach, which I sometimes forget. It’s not just a hobby anymore. I’m sorry for missing the point, the narrative, the message. I appreciate my readers writing me to tell me, to school me. I don’t know, what I don’t know and that’s not an excuse.
I was trying to inform, so people could plan their lives accordingly as I often do with my social media, then I waded in as a news source, which I shouldn’t have done with such an important movement of which I obviously an ignorant to understand.

One of my readers told me I didn’t post the signs from the Black Lives Matter protest on Saturday. I did publish them in a column on CBS3Philly, and had always planned to put them here.

Black Lives Matter

I’m also sorry if I was ignorant to the message of what #bringabroomPHL was conveying. I thought it was community building, and bringing us together, I see it it could be construed as sweeping these issues under the rug.  I could have been better with the messaging. It’s has been very successful, no one is placing blame, we are all supportive of Black Lives Matter, but we also want to restore the neighborhood for safety. We know we can’t always depend on the City to stay on top of these things. My sincere thanks to these women who really got the movement off the ground and have dedicated themselves to it since.
Thanks to Venise(Van Whit)Whitaker@venisew @marionleary @learyjen

for organizing this grassroots suggestion. They were out there early this morning in West Philly and North Philly with volunteers cleaning up. If you want to volunteer look for hashtag #bringabroomphl to see where they’re going next or if you can’t make it send a donation Black Lives Matter