US Navy Blue Angels and US Air Force Thunderbirds to jointly fly over Philadelphia This Week

As I mentioned last week, there will be a flyover in our area on Tuesday 4/28. The rumor was they were going to fly over last week, but I heard from a good source they scrapped that because it was too windy and they would like the trailing r/w/b smoke to look good in the air for a bit of time. Tuesday the weather should be nearly perfect with party cloudy skies, and very little wind.

This mission, the first of several planned over the coming weeks, is the culmination of more than a month of planning and coordination between the two teams and numerous city and government offices.

Residents along the flight path can expect a few seconds of jet noise as the aircraft pass overhead, along with the sight of 12 high-performance aircraft flying close in precise formation.

Flyovers in Trenton will start at 1:45 p.m. (EST) and last approximately 10 minutes.

Flyovers in Philadelphia will start at 2 p.m. (EST) and last approximately 20 minutes.

The United States Navy Blue Angels and United States Air Force Thunderbirds will be doing a combined Fly-BY. They will be conducting a low level flight (500- 1000 agl) when this does happen from TTN to ILG.

This historic formation will consist of 12 aircraft: 6 USAF F-16s and 6 USN Blue Angels. They will fly in two 6 shape diamond formations.. Each diamond will be around 1 minute in trail and have smoke streaming from all aircrafts. 

The Flyover begins in NYC, Newark at Noon. Then pass Trenton flying overr the Delaware River, over the Ben Franklin Bridge with a right hand 360º turn over Center City giving a nod to both Jefferson Hospital and University of Pennsylvania hospitals. They will exit the Downtown Philadelphia Area and follow the River past Philadelphia International Airport towards Wilmington De. 

Residents in these areas will be able to see the flyover from the safety of their home-quarantine and should maintain all social distancing guidelines during this event. They should also refrain from traveling to landmarks, hospitals and gathering in large groups to view the flyover. A detailed flight route will be released on the day prior to the flyover. (Source)

The teams welcome and encourage viewers to tag the flyover on social media with the hashtag #AmericaStrong.

For photos and video for Operation America Strong, visit, https://www.dvidshub.net/feature/americastrong

For more information on the Blue Angels, visit www.blueangels.navy.mil.

For more information on the Thunderbirds, visit www.afthunderbirds.com.

Here’s a copy of the press release someone sent to me earlier today which I posted on my FB.