Boston Market Has Your Thanksgiving Menu

I love Boston Market, I love the chicken, I love the sides, I love the convenience, and Mike and I went on our 2nd date there, yes 26 years ago. They’ve been around for a long time, coming in and out of my life. I’ll be talking more about that in the future. Today let’s get to the important stuff, stuffing and a delicious Thanksgiving feast I enjoyed this week from Boston Market.

Boston Market sells a Thanksgiving Feast for 12 or in these Covid social distancing days, a smaller one for 4 – 6 people. Or you can order a la carte. I’m going to give you all the links for the info but let me tell you about my meal the other day.

You put in your order with Boston Market directly. You can either pick it up or they will deliver it to you. Remember to tip your delivery person.

This is what’s inside the box, lots of delicious sides, pies and instructions on how to heat up the turkey. It’s already cooked, you just heat it up in the oven. You can heat up the sides on the stove, but I did them in the microwave and they tasted delicious. Maybe I’ll do them on the stove next time and feel more chef like.

Although I must confess I did feel accomplished after I baked this beauty. I know so big. We did share it with our neighbors next door and still have leftovers for ourselves.

This is what the spread looked like, it felt like Thanksgiving a week early. I even broke out the new Kate Spade glasses I got over the summer which I mentioned before. It was nice to sit down and eat at the dining room table together with all the dishes we’d have at Thanksgiving, and very little mess to clean up. The containers can be reused as well.

I must confess, what I thought was creamed spinach turned out to be artichoke dip . If you look on the photo below you can see what the Thanksgiving Spread looks like, and it shows a cracker and dip combo. Well the dip was delicious for dinner as well and now I have crackers for the future, lol.

Head on over to Boston Market to check out all the details for the Thanksgiving Dinner. It was delicious, convenient, and a fantastic price.

Here are the Boston Market locations in Greater Philadelphia

Thanks to Boston Market, and The Honigman Group for giving me the opportunity to partner with one of my favorite brands.