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The Boss Inspires Blinded By The Light Movie – Photos & Review from the Red Carpet

Patti Scialfa , Bruce Springsteen and director/writer of Blinded by the Light, Gurinder Chadha on the Red Carpet at the Asbury Park premier of Blinded By The Light

Growing up in New Jersey during the 70s and 90s made me a bonafide Bruce Springsteen fan. I remember first hearing the Boss on my way to Paul VI in the late ’70s singing “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out” as it blared over the speakers in my yellow school bus via WMMR.

I thought this guy is never going to make it, his voice is too rough. But as time went on his message was the message of survival, hard work, family, friends, the values I was taught, we were taught, values that connected us to him and each other. My brother Ray, one of the middle kids in our family, really related to Bruce and it wasn’t long before we had Boss posters up on the wall, and blaring on the tape deck. Springsteen’s inspiration comes through in the movie Blinded By The Light as well, but you don’t have to be a Springsteen fan to love this movie. It’s a triumphant movie about a kid growing up and finding his way through adversity, and a strict familial upbringing. Following ones own dreams to the path of personal success. And it’s funny along the way.

It was great to cover a big red carpet premiere again, I haven’t done one in about a decade since I stopped traveling to NYC to cover them. Thanks Allied Philadelphia for inviting me. I did a lot of social media around the event, even the thrilling moment when Bruce Springsteen and his wife, and back up singer Patti Scialfa surprised the cast on the red carpet. They seemed genuinely surprised, I was kinda surprised since they had been in Europe only three days earlier, but you know they have those planes these days that get you back in time for a premiere of a movie inspired by your songs so I was fairly positive Bruce would be there. That’s Marilyn Russell, WOGL98.1 Mornings With Marilyn, with The Big Man’s son, Jarod Clemons (r).

At the after party Gurinder Chadha, Viveik Kalra and Sarfraz Manzoor thanked the guests for coming. They spoke about the political climate of the 80s in the UK when Sarfraz was growing up, and how we must work hard not to let racism, prejudice and hate monger consume and divide us.
Then Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes entertained the crowd, calling up Bruce and Patti to join them for a few songs.
Thanks Allied for inviting me

It was surreal to watch Blinded By The Light only 5 rows behind Bruce (and his big bodyguard), no it was magical to experience the joy and pride of how Springsteen’s music comforted this kids life while navigating obstacles in his life. How his music empowered him to make something of his life, to break through. Springsteen was notably touched and it showed through his performance that evening. Pinch me did I just witness Bruce Springsteen make a surprise appearance at the movie screening I just shot, and then perform on stage with Southside Johnny. What a bucket list moment for this Bruuuuce fan!! Go see it. I’m going to see it again, there was so much to take in and I need to recapture the feelings.

I was surprise the movie wasn’t called Growin’ Up

When I was a kid I remember hearing this on WMMR, and every time I hear Growin’ up, I insert Philadelphia!!! What a great movie, brought back so many great memories for me, it’s great to see someone across the pond like Sarfraz Manzoor was inspired by The Boss as well. – 2 Thumbs Up


What I Know So Far, Staging, How Long is the Line for Hillary Clinton Rally at Independence Park

First of all don’t be intimidated by the crowd that has already started to line up for tonight’s event. Hillary Clinton will campaign in Philadelphia, joined by President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, on Independence Mall on Monday, November 7. The Clintons and Obamas will also be joined at the event by Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen, who will perform.


IN 2008, Just four days before the April 22 primary in Pennsylvania, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama made another campaign stop in Philadelphia. This time, the turnout was higher than expected.  Frank Friel, director of security at the Independence Visitor Center, estimated that 35,000 people attended a rally for the senator Friday night. The estimate increased from an initial prediction of 10,000 before the rally began, another official said. (source)


So Far today’s line stretches nearly 5 blocks


230PM the line was nearing Pine Street


UPDATE as of 4PM the line is at 4th and Catherine



This is the north side of the stage, which will be completely blocked off to people. I happened upon it on the way to do my segment at Fox 29 this morning. The stage is to the right next to the Independence Visitor Center.



This is the view from across the street facing NORTH. The stage is to the left now FACING EAST, and in the center, which you really can’t make out is the PRESS RISER. It’s here were press from around the world will be capturing this historic event. Only notable guests, like families and and dignitaries will be seated here. BTW Where is Tim Kaine, will he be here tonight? Haven’t heard much about Tim lately….hmmm . I’m sure the powers to be have set up huge loud speakers, and TV Screens for youse way in the back. I did see gigantic lights in place to light up the night as if it were daytime.


YOU THE AUDIENCE, will be here, standing in front of the historic Independence Hall. Tens of thousands of you will be standing here, please leave your beach chairs at home. Bring a warm coat, and don’t drink too much water. If you’ve even been to TIME SQUARE on News Year’s, or heard about the stories, you know you’re not allowed to leave to go to the bathroom. Now I’m not sure that is the law of the land, but I do know if you have to go, there’s a good chance you’re not going to get back to the spot you were at earlier, unless your name is Melissa Leonard, she seems to be able to talk her way into anything, sports, celebrity parties, concerts, hanging on the field with the Eagles, hanging with One Direction in their hotel room, yeah her. Anyway you got the picture.



courtesy of Joan Rivera

courtesy of Joan Rivera


Newsweek has printed these up already to drop on Wednesday

I did this video this morning about the layout.

GOTV Rally on Independence Mall with Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Michelle Obama, President Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi
Doors Open4:00 PM EDT
Program Start7:30 PM EDT
Where: Independence Hall, 520 Chestnut St. (Event Entrance at Corner of 4th St. and Chestnut St.), Philadelphia, PA 19106
SiriusXM will air the concert live on their E Street Radio channel.



This guy was down there too.

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ALSO where Debra Messing wore this shirt in Philly on Friday night, and who she was with.

Scoop on Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Dine, Nicki Minaj, Will Smith, Stevie Wonder, Debra Messing in Philly


At Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton to Urge Pennsylvanians to Vote at Final Rally Before Election Day
Clinton to Make Closing Argument Joined By Her Family, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
At a rally the night before Election Day, Hillary Clinton will campaign in Philadelphia, joined by President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, on Independence Mall on Monday, November 7. The Clintons and Obamas will also be joined at the event by Jon Bon Jovi, who will perform.
With Independence Hall as the backdrop, Clinton will urge Pennsylvanians to make history on Tuesday by electing her president so she can continue pushing for the American ideals of progress, inclusion, equality and strength that our founders enshrined in our Constitution there in 1787.
Along with President Obama, she will also lay out how the division and dangerous views espoused by Donald Trump in his campaign make him unqualified, unfit and unworthy to lead this great nation. President Obama will add that voting for Clinton on Tuesday is also a vote to build on the progress made under his presidency, such as protecting and strengthening expanded access to health care including women’s health, advancing LGBT equality, combating climate change, tackling college costs and student debt, expanding the right to vote, and more.
With more people voting in this election than any in history, Pennsylvanians can visit iwillvote.com to make a plan to vote on Election Day and find important voting information they may need.





Yesterday I checked out the new Bruce Springsteen exhibit at the National Constitution Center: From Asbury Park to the Promised Land: The Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen

I do love that I have my days free to take advantage of these press luncheon’s with the insider news. Which you will read about today in my Philly Mag Column when it goes live about 10AM here.
Erika von Tiehl is co-anchor of Eyewitness News This Morning on CBS 3 and The CW Philly (CBS3 is the official sponsor of the event.) Usually that means they will promote the event with in-kind commercials and on their news outlets. But other stations and news media will too as it is a newsworthy event.
Bruce’s Harley from the early 00’s. There’s also many of his outfits from the concerts and album covers. The curator from the Rock & Roll hall of Fame says that whenever Springsteen comes across something significant he adds it to the collection.
In the evening their was a gala in the main hall, right near the exhibit. Read about it in my PhillyMag column on The Philly Post today.