VIVICA FOX SOON TO BE SEEN HERE IN PHILLY FOR THE SCREENING OF COVER…please send tips to buzz at PhillyChitChat .com for times and places

If you’re a reader of both blogs, don’t bother checking the other one, it’s basically the same entry. My brain is slowly coming around, but it’s not quite there yet. Pictured here is Vivica Fox, who has a movie screening “Cover” coming up in a few weeks. (Also pictured here is a half shot of my big head, on the right) I finally did get around to the right side of my subject and photograph her.
Vivica was doing a fast pace towards her car, but my TMZ friend was able to stop her and asks her questions about Eve Mendes going into rehab (That’s the latest craze I guess); it was a great opportunity for me as Vivica stopped to get face time. (She’s looking disgruntled because she is yelling at the guy behind me who keeps yelling her name and saying he wants a photo taken with her. )