Joan Shepp Ushers in Another Season of High Fashion, Twitter & Philadelphia Street Chic

Last Friday night folks were clamoring to get into one of the seasons most anticipated invite only parties held during The Philadelphia Collection – The Joan Shepp soiree.

Joan Shepp is an innovator, a trail blazer and one of the folks that can be tied back to the revitalization of shopping downtown Center City when she opened her boutique on Walnut St some 12 years ago. (She had a shop on the Mainline, then Elkins Park, finally bringing it all downtown in 1999.) Above: Joan Shepp with jeweler John Wind. I think both of their biggest client is Lynsie Solomon who is a walking Shepp/Wind testament to their good taste.
What’s most impressive of the clothing that Joan Shepp offers is that in addition to high-end designers, there are also offers high-quality basics—from traditional black trousers and the perfect little black dress to the most fabulous shoes, handbags, scarves and accessories, including being one of two stores that carries John Wind jewelery. Her shop is internationally known and most often when a celebrity, notable or tourist swings by Philadelphia, a stop at her store is on their itinerary.
I never miss the opportunity to photograph a Joan Shepp party. The guests range from the well heeled, to the student, to the chic to the I’m looking for a style and H&M is just not cutting it for me. Every women should have one beautiful piece of clothing to begin their collection, one pair of shoes that says I know what I’m doing, and I’m doing it with style. One of the nicest touches of shopping at Joan Shepp is the quality of service you will receive. From the moment you walk in, until the end of your shopping experience. I know first hand. I brought my mom in for a quick shop earlier that day, and after the initial greeting, which we acknowledge that we were just looking, the assistant allowed us to peruse the store without a bother until we asked a specific question, at which point she showed us several examples of fine quality items at various price points. Mom was looking for something more summery, as you may know she’s moving South Sunday and will no longer need mid-Atlantic weather clothing; the sales women was willing to go to the basement and see if they had anything there since Fall and Winter was currently on display. Two of her sales associates Elaine and Marlene flank a model.

Hats (Mia Colona)
scarves (Philadelphia Street Chic at it’s best)
and smiles is what I always find at Joan Shepp. I love little Ava’s style. She’s starting off on the right foot.
So it’s not hard to believe that nearly everyone who received an invite came out to support Joan and Ellen Shepp, and catch the latest stylesStyles by dressmaker Irina Sigal on right, with friend Ann FooteIrina Sigal design (note the peeps clamoring for a peek outside?)
Philadelphia Style Publisher John Colabelli and fiance Lauren O’Dorisio
I was enjoying all the different kinds of shoes that walked into the party
and styles, which ran the gamut of high style, to business attire to personal style. It’s all personal style but I love to see a mix and match of elements of style like the lady in yellow, who is knows all too well what looks fabulous and isn’t afraid to be fashion forward.
I love a guy in a leather bomber (Alexander Oliver Hustin), clean cut hair and women who wear clothes that fit (Ilana Waber). I ran into Sheryl Lee Ralph this week, and she knows a thing about fashion. She told me if the clothes don’t look right on you, then take them off. I say, of course you need to have honest friends who will tell you, because sometimes people think they look fine, when in reality they look a mess and no one tells them and they end up in a twitter pix by me cause well I just want my readers to tell me if I’m wrong. I wanna know what good style is too, and am educating myself. ( I tweeted something like that that evening, and some person who follows me thought I meant Joan Shepp’s fashions were blah, and ran back to tell her. [Really, what’s that about. Maybe had she shown Joan the tweet that person’s reading comprehension might have been better?] Of course Joan Shepp found it hard to believe that I would say that about her or her store, and she was right. I was speaking about people, and specifically someone at the party. I think it’s always good to have a trusted stylist, friend or sales person help you in these cases. And of course when a handful of people say to you “You look great!” Well you just might be style talented in your own right and won’t show up on The Fashion Police Show.) You can follow me on Twitter @iPhillyChitChat
Blaire Baron and Alyse Bodine
Remy Berger and Alexandra Calukovic. Alexandra just celebrated her bday, and signed up for more classes at Koresh, which I hear is a kick butt class and enjoyable.
Heather Baumgardner, Elaine Grabar, Patricia Benitez, Jamie Reibenbach, Aly Green, Biana DeMarco, Dana Farrell,
Michelle Davis and Kenneth Granderson
The end. Two more days of the Fashion Collection. I thought it was TERRIFIC. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Spring NYFW cause there’s a whole bunch of fun fashion events right here in Philadelphia in September. _ You can follow me on Twitter