The Three Nerds started dayload (“When you set aside a day to drink from morning until evening,”) a few years back at Tweed, then Valanni’s and now they’ve settled in nicely into Brian Nagel’s Kings Oak American Grill & Sports Bar at the piazza every last Sunday of the month (except a week early in June because of the holiday weekend next weekend.) Next week if you’re in town stop by Parx’s Casino with the Olympian’s live and in person.

Mark Mattera, Ryan Dorsey, Zach Seidman, guest and another nerd? (Those nerds are multiplying.)
Jenn Van Horn, Adrienne Diaz and Ashley Dunek. It must have been a good night cause when I took this shot Adrienne said she’d be home by nine to watch Newsroom on HBO. I left at 10PM and she was still on the dance floor. How was that Newsroom, my twitter was blowing up with the play by play?
Daniel Smith, Fabio Azavedo and Julie Hixon.

I had the good fortune to spend a lot of my day with Kyle Cuffie-Scott, Lola, Kristyn Aldrich and Ronnie Howard
Maybe this is the Adele influence?

Thanks to DJ’s Nemyiss and DJ Mach1 for not playing this song and instead rocking the house all night long.

Justin and Jeff. Good to see everyone today, nice to get back to the clubs and day parties and see my old friends as well as meet all you peeps who read me everyday. As you can tell, I’m kinda shy (I swear I am), but I enjoy photographing you, bringing you good stories and ideas.
Lindsay Furman, looking refreshed after the islands. You might have heard Lindsay Furman was part of the reality show “Love in the Wild.” I was at the premiere a few weeks back, but I never got a chance to put the photo up before she was kicked off Gilligan’s Island back into the arms of her man Terry Ju (r). You know how those things go, she was looking for love in all the wrong places, thought the TV show would come through as they Bachelor series has done so well (BTW as I predicted Reid Rosenthal is on Bachelor Pad this summer. To my reader, he was never engaged to Kristen Dalton, 2009 Miss USA. They still remain “good friends.”), any applied accepted, then found a guy right here in Philly. Gave the show the good college try, but her heart already belonged to Ju.
Did I mention that Sunday’s Day Load theme was Fourth of July.

Someday I’ll get this camera video thing down, in the meantime bear with me. (See if you can spot the guy in the Rocky time warp.)

Clever mustache hanging from her glasses.

Rocking style.
The Geek Awards are coming up August 17, 2012 Check out my coverage last year on PCC. I love that they include me in their world.

Marisa Magnatta and Amit Gabai, photographer for Philly2Nite, and massage therapist at North Beach. Hit him up.


Ryan Banks is back in town and ready to thrown down. He’s gonna hit me up with some info and I’ll pass it along to you. Follow me on Twitter @IPhillyChitChat as that’s where I drop a lot of info, daily. The last time I saw Ryan I photographed the behind the scenes of a music video he shot at G Lounge.

Look who was at Day Load, but G Lounge GM Waylon Nelson and his girlfriend Mackenzie, Marketing Director of Delilah’s

Day Load is a mix of dancing inside, and socializing outside. People come and go all day, and some folks like moi just stay daylight into darkness. Dancing, chatting and my favorite, people watching …

Baller for real: Jason Thompson – Sacramento Kings

Not so much
Red, White & Blue @SweetAssBridget
Dress is comfortable, from casual to well kinda dressy for the gals.

Match set: Herb and Ashley Reid

Grace and LeeAnn at your service

Not only are the shoes hot, the nails are done and she’s got an anklet on. Now this is working it!
If she didn’t find what she was looking for Sunday, then I suggest wearing something different next time.

Kate Beaver and Jackiem Wright

Damon Francis, Adrienne, Kristyn and you look fabulous even though it’s the end of the night my new friend who’s name I forgot to get.
Next big night for the Three Nerds is at North Beach on Tuesday.

Wayne Ellington, Timberwolves, Philadelphia born rapper, now world wide know, Meek Mill, and Curtis Brinkley, San Diego Chargers. Maybach Music’s Own Meek Mill will be headlining his own Dream Chasers tour, which kicks off August 2nd in Denver, Colorado and stops by TLA 8/25/12
Meek Mills new Aston Martin. He drove himself to the club. I saw him get out of the car.

Self Made Vol. 1 CD drops tomorrow 6/26/12. No doubt the summer’s biggest CD for rap.

Til next month: Brian Nagel and Ryan Dorsey. Great time had by all. In the meantime get your groove on at Recess Thurs to Sat