Philly Gossip: M Night Shyamlan, Harvey Keitel, The Q Show, Burgers & Bowl

Good Sunday Morning, yes Sunday. I have been thinking for a bit to add a Sunday column cause I have too much content to fit in 5 days, plus Sunday’s are always good days to catch up on Gossip so when you have Brunch, or dinner with the family you can say did you see so and so got married, pregnant, had a kid or saw Harvey Keitel walkind down the street in Old City.


Friday night I went to Revolutions at Penn Treaty. I toured it Friday, then they told me that that evening would be there “soft opening”, so I went back with Mike. Revolutions is a hip, bowling venue with spots around the county, but here in Philly they’ve partnered with an eatery called Burger & Beers. It’s the prototype, and if successful they’ll roll it out in their next openings. Mike and I really enjoyed our meals (especially my fried pickles and Hotel California Burger) and next time plan to bowl. It’s going to be a huge success. It’s like Dave & Busters, but with bowling, burgers and beer. It’s right next to Punchline and The Fillmore, and across the street from Sugarhouse.


That same evening The Fillmore had a great act Young The Giant, and the place was packed. My high school friend Jacquie Winner was there, and so was M Night Shyamlan, who stopped for a photo for Rebekah Marine, “The Bionic Model”. She just walked in a few NYFW shows.

M Night

Harvey Keitel and wife Daphna Kastner were spotted in Old City by talk show host Quincy Harris last week. Seems Harvey and Daphna were just enjoying the day in our fair City.


Last Monday was the debut of The Q Show on Fox 29, hosted by Quincy Harris. He knocked it out of the park, as I knew he would. Ever since I had meant him about 4 years ago when he left radio as QDeezy, and headed to the airways, I could see that he had a certain flair about him and the way he engaged with people.


Plus the dude has the most incredible Rolodex. Kicking off the show with him last week – The Roots’ Black Thought and Questlove. It doesn’t get any better than that. Tune into The Q Show Monday through Friday NOON on Fox 29. Or Tape it like I do. It’s 30 minutes of fun.

M Night

Congrats are in order for the new Mr. & Mrs. Jason Cichonski (Tara Kulesza and Jason Cichonski) who were married Friday night.  Chef Jason Cichonski of Ela, The Gaslight and former Top Chef contestant. The couple met through mutual friend Ryan Dorsey, the co-owner of Old City’s Recess Lounge, at a birthday party Dorsey held at Ela where Tara was a guest. M Night 9-17-2016-11-22-15-am

Alfresco dining with drinks at the new Whole Foods in the Art Museum area. Whole Foods is slated to open October 14, I’m looking forward to Indian Summer.

M Night

Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls  is now opened for your scream.9-17-2016-9-37-03-am-custom

NBC10’s Weather gal Sheena Parveen knew it would be a sunny day and chose outside dining at Parc on Friday for her reunion with her friend Taylor Koebeie

Dish of the Week

Last week I had dinner at the new eatery Lou Bird’s at 20th and Lombard. The food is delicious, and the deserts divine. I even met the namesake of the restaurant – Lou Bird, who’s the precocious 10 year old of Norris and Debbie Jordan of the Happy Rooster, who also own Lou Bird’s. Lou Bird told me her favorite dish was  American Wagyu Strip Fingerling potatoes, brussels sprouts, kim-chimi, which I will definitely get on a return visit. I had the Rainbow Trout, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

M NightInfo and Tickets for Philly Fashion Week HERE

People are always asking me what events they should attend, sooo starting Wednesday I’m going list 5 – 7 events I think you should attend.  I used to have a calendar on PhillyChitChat, but it was too tedious to keep up. This might work as well. I’ll title the columns #PCCBuzz 7 Events of Interest or something like that.