PHILADELPHIA ‘ S FITLER SQUARE News, a FINAL WORD ON OWEN WILSON Marley & Me and Mama Palma’s Rise from the Ashes

(I try to stay current in my Philly Chit Chat, but when you do back to back events things get lost in the shuffle. This is my week end’s wrap up and I will write about what I did last night, Monday) Last Saturday I was meeting my friend, going on 10+ years friend, Deming for lunch (ok it was for a funeral and lunch). He wanted to show me his new puppy too, Alfie (L) and 8 yr old – Genji (R) He lives in Fitler Square

After catching up, it was off to the 7th Annual Fitler Square Festival. I like the festival, cute small, very neighborhood like, neighbors greeting neighbors

Lots of jewelery on sale for the ladies. I wish you could see her earrings more clearly, they say “Love”cutting edge entertainment, very Bohemian band “The Broken Banjo” this guy was juggling for his daughter, not see here. I like a guy who is versatile that can juggle tennis balls and a front end loader I ran into my friend Patti Fox, who used to sell my greeting cards at her place “The General Store” over on 20th Street. She’s moved on to other things. She’s with her mom, and daughter. Three generations of Fitlerites! Really I went to the festival to see if I could find Patti and I did. We caught up.
Remember this place a few weeks back, it wasn’t a dream my roman. They did film a movie with Lauren Graham and Jeff Daniels near the corner of 21st and Delancy. The Dream of the Romans filmed in front of and inside this house
and it can be yours for a little over a million bucks this is across the street

Where I ran into my co-worker Elkan Katz. It’s must be spring the flower boxes are done in the neighborhood and looking good. I could do a whole segment just on those flower boxes I photographed last week, err maybe on a slow week

I wandered over to Mama Palma’s, which is in the throes of construction. As I was poking around I came by Renaldo and his father. Renaldo says the restaurant will be opening on Tuesday May 20 (update according to MK its 5/27). He wants to thank his neighbors and customers for all their support and prayers these past few weeks since the fire; “People stop by, they give me hugs, food, free lawyer help and kindness. Thanks” Work is continuing almost 24/7 to get everything in place after the new floor was put in. The fire seems to have started in the basement and burn the first floor which fell into it. Just smoke and a little water damage occured to the living space on the 2nd and third floors. The place will be up and running next week and the pizza will be the best in the City once again.

Yesterday the Goodyear blimp was flying around the City.

One last thing on Marley & Me; when Owen Wilson wasn’t filming a scene, he was hiding in the JL Sullivan’s Speakeasy staircase.

Something he wouldn’t be able to do today, ’cause it opened last night. More coverage on the fun and photogenic JL Sullivan’s Speakeasy opening on Philly Chit Chat Monday. Have a great weekend.